The Responsibility of Packing and Transportation

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  • Published on Monday, 22 October 2012
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The Responsibility of Packing and Transportation 1. THE IMPORTANCE OF TRANSPORTATION AND PACKING
The aim of any move is to transport successfully all your belongings from your previous home to your new one. In order to achieve success in this venture you need to take care of two things-the packing and the transportation. On those two actions depend your most precious possessions so you will have to take responsibility and take the necessary precautions and make the needed preparations in order to ensure their safety.
In most cases, the main difficulties that you will face during transportation and packing are caused by the shape of your possessions. It is a lot easier to pack a Rubik's cube for instance than a crystal ball for instance. The crystal ball will bounce around, whereas the cube will just stand still. Also, some possession may be just too valuable and expensive to allow them to fall in the hands of others even if they are the professional moving company staff.

However, regardless of how precious they are, some items are still very vulnerable and if you are wise you will forget about your suspicion and trust the professionals because they are the only ones who can certainly transport your expensive but fragile possessions without inflicting any damage on them. You wouldn't feel okay if you have chosen to do it all by yourself in order to protect yourself from theft and you end up breaking one of your most beloved items so carefully estimate the vulnerability of the item and the trustworthiness of your moving company.

If you eventually choose to trust a moving company you will have to take into consideration several things in order to ensure satisfactory results for yourself. First, get an insurance for your items. This way, if one of your items gets damaged or lost in any way under the care of the professional company staff you will get compensated for it. Second, make a full and accurate list of all your possessions and deliver it to the company. This way it will be clear what items are insured and the moving company staff will be better orientated in its work. Also, it would be greatly helpful for the company employees if you mark which boxes contain fragile items and what type of items exactly and which don‘t. This way, a lot of time will be saved for the moving company staff and your relocation will be finished in a faster pace. After all, even though you pay for the moving company‘s services, it wouldn't be a bad thing if you try to help them out. Remember that the more you assist them the faster the whole thing will be over and the sooner you will manage to begin your new life in your new property.
To be completely sure that everything will go smoothly, check everything. After the packing has been completed, make sure you have correctly labeled each box. After the loading has been completed make sure that the heavy items are placed at the bottom and that the lighter items are placed upon them. Make sure that all the items are secured firmly in the vehicle. And in the end, check the papers you sign and the taxes you will have to pay. If you have chosen a good moving company all of these things can never go wrong but one can never be too certain.

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