Most Often Frauds When Moving to a New Place

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  • Published on Thursday, 22 November 2012
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Most Often Frauds When Moving to a New Place Although removals happen all time in the year definitely their highest amount is in spring and in summer. The higher amount of work makes these seasons the perfect time for fraud companies to take advantage of inexperienced clients. Here are a few tips on what are the most common frauds that may happen to you when hiring a removal company and how we can avoid them.

One of the most common frauds is when the removal company you have hired put all of your belongings in the van and then tell you that there is a change in the terms and conditions and to be more particular - in the price. This can be considered extortion because your luggage is already in their van and if you refuse to pay the higher price you will have to pay for the discharge of your items. And if you refuse to pay for the discharge it is very likely that you might never see your things again. Yes, we understand how awful it sounds but practices show that such types of fraud happen very often, unfortunately, that is why it is better for people to be warned beforehand.

Another very common fraud is negotiation of the price over the phone. You should always call people from the removal company to the place so that they can see the job that should be done and give a rough estimation of the cost. If you do not call them to your place and simply explain on the phone what is to be done when the time for the removal comes and they come to your place it is very likely that they will say there are more things to be done than those said on the phone. And this will significantly increase the price for the service.

Do not allow the people from the removal company no matter if it is a big company or not to postpone the review of the place and items to be moved. This will result in time pushing you and you will be forced to pay a higher price because you have no other choice. This is the reason why you should agree to negotiate the price in the day of the removal. The view in advance of the place is absolutely obligatory and if a removal company is trying to avoid it just do not trust them and choose some other else.

Another thing you should avoid is to choose a company that does not have its own means of transportation. Unless recommended by a friend or relatives these type of companies are usually fraud and it is very likely that they will simply take your money and leave without getting the job done.

Of course, there is no guarantee that even if you strictly follow all of the above mentioned advices you are absolutely safe from getting into a fraudulent company. It is just that the chances for that significantly decrease. After all, if you, as a client, do the most important first job - simply check the company you are about to hire you may safe yourselves a lot of stress.

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