Moving in the New Home at Catford when you are a Student

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  • Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013
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Moving in the New Home at Catford when you are a Student 1. STARTING YOUR MOVE OUTIt is always a relaxing thing when you know that you have finally chosen your proper house and you will be able to pay your rent hopefully without any problems if you keep your current income. If you have reached this situation then the difficult part of moving yourself entirely to a new home and adapting to it is done. Now all you need to do is to wrap up this whole affair with successfully moving in all of your stuff. The problem here is that you will need to literally transport everything. This article will explain thoroughly how you can do this in the area of Catford. 2. PACKING PROPERLYIn order to be certain that nothing important will be accidentaly left out you need to pack and prepare for transportation the most important of your possessions and by important you need to take first and foremost all of your essential documents. You need to take the new tenancy agreement, your personal ID documents and every official document connected to your education or your stay and life in that area. Then you need to think about all of your notes, notebooks and student books that are connected with your studies. Then of course don’t forget about your portable computer and the other important devices connected to it. Then after you have packed the essentials and every other tool which is of vital importance for your success in your student life you can calm down and pack the rest of your stuff-the more ordinary and more disposable ones. 3. PACKING DIFFERENT TYPES OF ITEMSYou need to treat different types of items differently and with a different level of caution as well. For instance some of the most risky devices you can take with you are the ones working with electricity. There are usually the most expensive ones as well. What you need to do is to pack them each in a separate box so you can protect them suitably from a possible collision with anything. Then you need to make sure that their wires and cables are safely packed with them in the box and that none of them are hanging out of the box-after all you don’t want to trip and break not only the certain device but also everything else that you are holding in your hands. Then after you put every device in the box remember to separately put a proper label on each box not simply of what is inside the box but also make sure you mention what power do each of the electrical equipment you bring needs so you can be well aware of the plugs.  Then don’t forget about your clothes. If by any chance you don’t need any you could try to sell them or give them to friends. Anyway, make sure that you take a lot of clothes or bring a lot of money with you to buy new ones. Don’t forget you need to have at least one suit for former occasions, a shirt and a formal pair of trousers and from then on you can bring whatever else you want to wear and of course don’t forget about socks and underwear. You will need to use boxes for books-if you place them straight in your suitcase or bag they will be very quickly ruined. Finally, always feel free to ask a friend for help-for a car or simply with the transportation of your luggage to your new home or to the bus or the taxi.  

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