Packaging Products and Techniques

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  • Published on Thursday, 17 January 2013
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Packaging Products and Techniques When moving home there are many important things to remember, one thing which is slightly over looked is packaging for all your valuables. With everything else going on people leave thinking about buying packaging supplies to the last minute, thinking it’ll be easy: “I’ll just get some cardboard boxes”. It’s not until they arrive at their new home and find many of their possessions have been smashed during transit, that they wish they had put more thought into how they packaged them. Years ago people would just use cardboard boxes and some old bed sheets or newspapers to cushion any vulnerable items, now however you can purchase any number of products to keep goods of all shapes and sizes safe.Cardboard Boxes On the market today you will find every shape and size cardboard box you can imagine. One of the reasons items are broken during transit is that they’ve been packed into the wrong size/shape box. This will mean it isn’t held in place and supported, giving it chance to move around and potentially break. Plastic Boxes Plastic boxes are perfect for packing up your fragile possessions as they are offer more protection simply by being tougher than cardboard. Many of them have lockable lids and carry handles to help you to carry them and reduce the likelihood of you dropping them. They can be more expensive than their cardboard equivalent so consider the value of the item you will be transporting before splashing out. Wardrobe Boxes A new addition to the market is the wardrobe box, simply a cardboard box big enough to house adult sized clothing. They are a good idea for expensive clothing you wish not to fold, i.e. Wedding Dresses, Suits, and Coats. Bubble Wrap One of the most popular products on the market is bubble wrap, it makes a perfect packaging pal for many reasons:•    Unless the item you’re wrapping is extremely fragile, Bubble wrap can protect it. •    It comes in rolls between 1m – 50m if required. •    You can cut it to any shape or size and wrap things as many times as you think necessary. •    It has the added bonus of being fun to pop and keep the children entertained while you try to pack/unpack.Stretch Wrap This product is basically the same as the cling film you’d use on your sandwiches, you can wrap things over and over to increase its overall protection. Stretch wrap doesn’t work well as a cushion but could be used in conjunction with bubble wrap to give super protection. It is especially good for wrapping many things together to stop them spilling over, i.e. boxes, small furniture. Packaging Paper This product is a very soft paper; it is usually manufactured using recycled newspapers and offers a very soft surface, perfect for anything at risk of being scratched, i.e. vases, glassware. Another good use for this paper is “gap filling”, which is stuffing the paper into every tiny gap of your boxes to make sure nothing can move freely. Brown Packaging Tape There are many different types of tape on the market today. While the more expensive tapes can offer more protection, it is the common brown packaging tape that we come to rely on most. It is very reasonably priced which means you can use it excessively to make sure your boxes are fully secure.These are just a few of the basic products you can use to make sure your prized possessions are safe when transported to your new home or office. Take a look online and become familiar with what’s available before you start to packing up, this way you will have peace of mind during transit, that every bump you hear isn’t another vase smashed or computer broken.

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