Home inspections you may need to buy your Pimlico home

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  • Published on Tuesday, 22 January 2013
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Home inspections you may need to buy your Pimlico home When you find a home in Pimlico that you really like, enough to consider putting an offer in, you will need have some investigations and inspections made on the house to ascertain things like how much it is worth, and whether there is anything that needs doing on the property. Your estate agent will usually tell you when it is time to have your potential new property inspected and may even be able to recommend someone to you who is reputable and experienced. General home inspections: These are conducted by a general home inspector, who will go through the entire house and inspect certain aspects of it, these include things like the roof and basement of the house, the central heating that is installed in the house and the water heater, the plumbing in general, the air conditioning system, the electricity and any electrical things installed in the home, the quality of the house in general and the overall structure and stability of the property. The results of the inspection will be presented to you in a report concluding all of the findings, explaining what state of repair the house is in, whether any work needs to be carried out on the house and whether there needs to be any further inspections made on the house. Specialist home inspections: The home inspector you hire to complete the general home inspection on your property may suggest having further investigations on the property made.  This is usually because the problem or suspected problem is outside of the inspectors are of expertise and knowledge, meaning you may have to hire someone specialised in that area.  Once you have found someone to complete the further investigations for you, they too will inspect your home and then produce a report. Here are some of the kinds of specialist home inspectors that you may need to hire:•    Someone to inspect your roof, this will be a specialised roof inspector. Once the roof have been checked and given the OK, you should be given a roof certificate which will prove that you have had the roof checked and it is in a good state or repair. •    Chimney Inspectors may be required if there is a concern that the chimney isn’t working properly or it too dirty.  The chimney inspector will be able to tell you if there need to be any repairs made to the chimney, for example, if it is crumbling or blocked.•    Inspector to look at any pest problems you may have in and around your home, this especially includes wood eating pests that may affect the structural stability of the property.  A pest inspector will be able to tell you whether there are any pests in the house, what damage they have caused, if any of this damage needs repairing immediately and some ideas on how to get rid of the pests, which will usually include getting some kind of pest control to come out. •    Mould: if there is any mould in the house you will need a specialist to come and take a look, thy will investigate the damage caused  by the mould, how severe the mould is, what is causing the mould, ideas on getting rid of the mould and keeping mould at bay.•    An inspector to check the electrical system in the house and make sure it is in fully working condition and has all been put together properly. •    A central heating specialist•    An air conditioning specialist•    A plumber•    A foundation engineer•    A sewerage inspector•    A soil inspector•    An asbestos inspector and specialist•    A lead-based paint specialist•    A mitigation contractor, who will check for methane gas.

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