Moving to West Hampstead in Winter

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  • Published on Wednesday, 27 February 2013
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Moving to West Hampstead in Winter It is not uncommon for someone to buy a home in December, it makes perfect sense to buy property when the property prices are at a 12 month low and save yourself some money, furthermore, because fewer people look for a new property in the winter months and close to Christmas it may be easier and quicker for you to secure a property. Christmas day is said to be the best day to make an offer on a property, the seller will be merry with Christmas festivities and may be more likely to accept a lower offer, and they will be considering ways on how to recover some of the money they have spent over Christmas, selling their home to you would do just that. If you are moving home over the Christmas period, there are some additional things that you should consider, on top of the usual removal considerations.  Here are some of the important things that you should take into consideration:•    Christmas is the busiest time of the year with gift and food shopping to buy, family and friends to see and a number of Christmas parties to go to, are you sure that you actually have the time to move home?•    Further to it being the busiest time of the year, it is also the most expensive, with this in mind are you sure you can afford to move home?•    Moving in December can mean moving in adverse weather conditions, are you prepared for this?  You should check the weather forecasts and see if there is any bad weather due on your moving day.  Either way you should make sure you are prepared for the worst, the weather forecast is often wrong as the weather is not easy to predict.  You should think about getting some grit in ready, that way if it does snow the day before or on removal day, you can make sure the pathway from your home to the removal van is clear of ice and snow and is safe to be walking on with heavy boxes. Keep some large umbrella’s out and close to hand so that if it dos start to rain you have something to cover yourself with, also keep some large waterproof covers to hand to cover any boxes or furniture that are being moved in the rain. Keep some warm, waterproof clothing to hand for you and your family, and in your new home light the fire, hang curtains, put the central heating on and get blankets and towels out for anyone who is wet and cold and needs to warm up. Make sure you look after your pets and plants too, if you have a thunderstorm on moving day you may need to sit with your pet to calm them down. •    Is every service you need to move home working over the Christmas holiday?  Will you be able to see your estate agent, or contact your mortgage provider?  •    Does the removal company have enough staff on over the Christmas period to complete your move in a timely fashion?  If they don’t, it might be easier and just as quick for you to move home yourself by renting out a van. •    Are all the utilities in your property turned on or can they be turned on once you have moved in?  the Christmas period may mean delays in having things like your gas turned on as the utility companies may be working on skeleton staff over the Christmas period. •    If you usually receive Christmas cards and presents in the post, have you informed them all of your change of address? The last thing you want is for the new owners to receive all that lovely wine you usually get sent to you at Christmas.

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