Tips for Easy Packing and Unpacking for a Container Storage

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  • Published on Thursday, 07 March 2013
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Tips for Easy Packing and Unpacking for a Container Storage During relocation people often need a time to move the stuff from the old to the new place. It will be good if your timing is perfect and you can get to your new house the next day after you have left the previous one, but unfortunately this is hardly possible. Few people are lucky to do this and to have so successful moving. The others still have an option and this is to pay for storage, as long as you need, so when the new home is ready you will gladly move to it with your luggage.           The container storage or any other space available to hire during a moving is a service that many, if not every moving company, offers to its clients, because the storage is essential part of the moving. So it will not be hard to find one when you need it. What is important to know in this situation is that no matter that the luggage will stay on one place and will not be transported, it will surely need good packing after all. To make the stuff properly prepared for the container storage you may need to follow some special advices, that will make things significantly easier.           The most common material used for packing in this case as for many other kinds of moving are the boxes. They could be all sizes but surely to use many from one size, even if it is not too big, will be better idea than to use some with different dimensions. And this advice has very good reason – when using same boxes it will be a lot easier to store and put them in order. And if the ordering of the stuff to be stored is optimal, this will decrease the space you will need for your things. And as we all know more space means more money to be paid at the end.           To make the finding of items easier you can put numbers to the similar boxes and describe on a paper what stands beside the box with the particular number. And then you have to be really careful with the keeping of this list because it will be the key for the easy unpacking after. It is your only guide for where and what can be found.          When you are preparing the boxes, be sure that you have to fill them as much as this is possible. Fill them to the top, but not over that, because thus you risk having them thorn when carried and your things spread all over the place. Tape nicely the boxes from all side, so they will not accidently open during the moving.          As you order them in the container storage, you will have to follow the simple rule – put the heavy things close to the ground and the lighter higher on top of the others. This is not only to prevent smashing the lighter with the heavier as you put them on top. You will hardly lift the heavy boxes and put them on high spots.           When it comes to unpacking, you will start to take the boxes from the top to the bottom. Use the system with the numbers to find what you need and unpack what you want first.           Be sure that if you follow this simple system of ordering and packing and accept every reasonable advice that has been given to you from the staff of the moving company, which storage you are using, you will find your things in one piece and ready for use in your new home.

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