Easy Ways to Pack Your Electronics and Books

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  • Published on Thursday, 14 March 2013
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Easy Ways to Pack Your Electronics and Books The big rooms with too many stuff inside are very hard for packing. They take most of the efforts and time, also include many materials and skills to do things right.  Spaces like the living room include pretty much things and they can be small and big and some of them not so easy to be packed.           This article will give you brief advices about how to prepare the most common stuff for the transportation, which can also be included in the decoration of other rooms and do not have to be limited only for the living room. It will also make the question where to start from easier to find an answer to. So take the packing materials you have prepared for the relocation and start the good work.           Usually the space where the family is spending the most time in the house or apartment is the area with the most technical equipment, including TV, DVD and Blue-ray players and any other stuff like this. So it will be good if you have some ideas how to pack them to be better prepared for the road. All the stereo and video equipment, that works with disks, have to be prepared for the moving in advance. The preparation includes checking and putting out of all the disks that can be left inside. Also all the laser readers have to be secured for the transportation with the special screws which can be found on the back or the bottom of the unit. Most of the equipment which is having turntables, include special parts for security like a plastic lock. It will be holding the tone arm in place, while the equipment is carried and loaded in and out of the van. Anyway, you can make it even more secure as you tie a piece of string there to hold the lock in any case.           When you have speakers as part of the home stereo system, you can pay special attention for their package as well. The thing you should be most careful about is the front, and extra cushion is required for this part.               The modern TVs have to be very carefully transported as their screens are very vulnerable to breaking and any other possible damage. The crate will be one of the best options for packing an LCD TV screen. In case you are not sure and do not like to have your favorite TV broken, let the packaging of such fragile pieces to the professionals and ask the moving company do the job.           Many homes have their satellite receivers and dishes. They usually have very sensitive connections and that is why you better contact an operator or a technician who will guide you through the dissembling.           Besides the electronics the living room as well as any other room from your former home can contain other stuff that is vulnerable to moving and have to be taken special care of. The books can be such thing. When you are packing them you should first separate them on groups according to their size and pack the similar together in cardboard boxes. The boxes have to be well taped, because books are usually very heavy. When you are ordering the books inside the box, make sure you are not putting them with the spine up. This position can break the glue away from the binder. You can use additional packing for very old and valuable volumes. Book cartons can be very much useful in this situation. Make sure the wrapping you do for this volumes is at least at some level waterproof, because even the smallest leakage can cause irreversible damages to such old books.        

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