How to Organise a Garage Sale When Moving House

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  • Published on Friday, 22 March 2013
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How to Organise a Garage Sale When Moving House Going to live in a new house is great step for every family. It is a day full of joy and new expectations, making plans for the future and putting in order everything all over again, the best way possible.          Usually people are moving to a larger homes and this happens when the family members are increasing. Sometimes due to many circumstances the older home has to be replaced with a smaller one and then you will have a lot of luggage to get rid of, because you will not have enough space for it. Actually in both cases – when moving to a larger or a smaller house – it will be absolutely sure that you will have things to give away. They have probably stayed for years on your attic or in the drawers and you have long ago forgotten they existed.           The fact that you and your family no longer need these items you will find in your old house while packing, it does not mean that other people will not be using them. In this case the best option is to organize a garage sale. You will do several very nice things this way. First of all you will get rid of everything that you do not want to take with you. Second other people will be glad to buy some things that they will probably not get from anywhere else. And third but not to be underestimated – you and your family will earn some money which is never too much when planning a relocation.           Though it sounds really simple, in fact there are some details in the organization of such sale, for which you may read for the first time in this article.           When you have lived for a long time on the old place you have to be aware if there are any rules for organizing such sale. Make sure that you have got all the papers necessary for it, so you will not be facing problems with the community or the municipality.           The most important part of every sale is making it popular, so it will not turn into one big disappointment. Make sure you have published it on several places and you have told as many people as you can. It is not good idea to refuse help from neighbors and close friends if offered. It is not so easy to conduct such a sale. You will be needing a lot of people to pay attention for your stuff, because not everyone who will come to the sale will have good intentions.           As soon as you start thinking of yourself as a store owner in this day you will realize that you will need stuff to put the things you are selling in. That is why it is good to start collecting bags or boxes.          Be careful with the prices you are putting, because they are important part of the sale and the success of it is fully depending on them. You have to be very aware of the condition of the items you are selling and if they will be of an interest from anyone. Do not put too high price on something that clearly will hardly be bought by anyone. Remember that your aim is to get rid of the extra luggage. However do not get on the other side as well, as you are almost making gifts to the people. Things that you do not need, but which are at the same time new, do not need to be sold cheap.           Be ready to negotiate at every point of the sale and do not bow under the pressure of your “clients”.

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