The Advantages Of Buying Property In Canary Wharf

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  • Published on Wednesday, 03 April 2013
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The Advantages Of Buying Property In Canary Wharf The first and main advantage of buying property in Canary Wharf whether it be a home to live in, rent out or a business is Canary Wharf's tallest skyscraper, just one of many popular landmarks on London skyline; a beacon attracting businesses to its booming financial district and buying a businessFor the working professional who may be looking to live a suburban lifestyle will not be disappointed by the aerial homes, fresh dockside bars, designer shopping and dining/wining is especially catered for in the finest restaurants that Canary Wharf has on offer. Having somewhere to drink, relax, have a bite to eat and shop until your legs drop is always an advantage to those longing for the suburban life.Another discovery being the penthouses and luxurious apartments with a beautiful view of The Thames river would be an amazing advantage for international investors who find the idea of walking to work appealing and civic financiers who work unsociable hours and have an extremely busy lifestyle devoted to work because they would be able to get to work more quickly and being able to stare at the Thames whilst walking to work just makes the experience even more beautiful. With easy and accessible transport links (which also include a river taxi,) you will not have to miss out on anything Central London has to offer ever again.Another advantage aimed towards the businessman stereotype looking for property with the huge potential to boost his and/or her financial income, Canary Wharf has a strong rental demand which means more and more homeowners prefer to rent out their house instead of selling it after moving out. Canary Wharf has properties that nearly everyone can afford especially if you compare it to the rest of London.The target audience of property buyers are mostly young couples who are employed locally and international/foreign investment buyers, there are also overseas buyers who buy properties for their teenagers when they come to study in London, the advantage for the buyer is that they will not get properties like they will in Canary Wharf anywhere else.The higher-end apartments tend to be bought by famous celebrities including low-profile and high-profile and even footballers who play in the premiership so the advantage for anyone considering buying property in Canary Wharf is that they may just see a familiar face and even get an autograph if they're lucky, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for those wanting a career in the celebrity world and even journalism as this is an exclusive opportunity to get up-close and personal with celebrities.The advantage for investors is that Canary Wharf is very build up and many developments have been built and proved to be a complete sell-out in the last two years alone, investors would have to keep a look-out on the area just before Bow as two brand new extremely intriguing developments are currently being constructed and will be launched as soon as.For those day-dreaming of buying their dream home, having a look at what Canary Wharf has to offer would be an advantage and may even supply you with your dream home. The penthouses are an excellent example of this as the breath taking views and exquisitely finishing to the highest standard and this being just the tip of the iceberg, you will definitely want to see what else Canary Wharf has to offer, if you have not already bought the penthouse, that is and why wouldn't you? They are pretty amazing if I may say so myself.The ultimate dream home for me to recommend to everyone who is reading this is buying a flat or apartment with an overlook of the Thames directed west approaching the City, the eternal river-life and perfect sunsets with a background of the infamous architectural horizon of London is enough to make the beholder fall in love over and over again with each glimpse. Yes, it really is that beautiful.

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