Moving in Dulwich? Meet the Neighbours

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  • Published on Monday, 29 April 2013
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Moving in Dulwich? Meet the Neighbours When you move house what is one of the most important things you need to do? Meet the neighbours. Whether you are in Dulwich or Doncaster you still have to go through the same thing when you move and that is the meet and great. What is the best way to go about this? I suppose it depends on you as a person and the area in to which you are moving. You may be quite an outgoing person who has no issues in meeting new people, or you may be a quieter soul who is quite happy with what they know and not wanting to rock the boat. The thing is, when you move home to Dulwich, you don’t necessarily want or need to have your neighbours as your best friend but you do need to make contact as they may be helpful at some point. You could put a card through your neighbours doors letting them know you have moved into the area and, as an extra, invite them round for a few drinks. An informal get together is always a sure fire way of getting to know the people who live around you. A few drinks and nibbles will open the door to conversation and let you get a feel of those who live around you. If the weather is more receptive then a BBQ is another way to get people round for a chat. You don’t want to make new best friends but you do want to know the type of people who live near and around you and this will make your time in the area a lot easier. If you plan on doing a lot of changes to your property once you move in then getting in touch with your surrounding neighbours is a really good idea. Let them know what you are planning on doing and that there may be some extra noise for a few weeks. This way you are keeping people on side with your plans, letting them know there might be a bit more noise, banging and mess than usual but it is not a long term thing. Show them your plans and give them an idea of how long it will take to complete things, it all goes towards showing you are friendly and wanting to be part of your new community. If you have the space and or the inclination, once you have moved in and all the work on your property is completed, you should organise a garden party. It doesn’t need to be a grand or huge affair; just a small gathering is enough to let people see your intentions. Let people see you want to be part of their overall community and that you want to settle. When people have been in an area for a few years they can be wary of new people coming in so you want to set their minds at rest and let them see you are here for the duration and that all the work you have put in is for as much their future as yours. Don’t be frightened of your new neighbours, they could be as worried as you are as to who is moving in to the area. Take the time to say hello, smile as they walk by and they will get to know you and that you are now part of their community.

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