Common London Removals Disasters And How To Steer Clear Of Them

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  • Published on Tuesday, 21 May 2013
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Common London Removals Disasters And How To Steer Clear Of Them House moving can be very stressful what with all the things you have to do, so, to help ease your burden a bit here’s a list of some of the common London movers disasters to watch out for and what you can do to avoid them. Even if you live in some other part of the UK, or the world, this advice should help you out! Last Minute EmergenciesLast minute emergencies can come in a number of shapes and sizes: it could be something small, such as having forgotten to buy a few snacks for the journey, or it could be something big, such as finding yourself knee-deep in packing even on moving day. The only way to avoid last minute problems is to start planning well in advance and prepare a careful checklist of things to do. Even if you have a couple of months to go before you move, you’ll find that there’s no such thing as starting ‘too early’ when it comes to planning a house relocation. Even if you start a year in advance, you’ll find yourself surprised by how much there is to do at the end! Losing/ Misplacing ThingsThis is one of the most common house moving disasters. In all the chaos and mayhem that comes with house moves, it really is no surprise that things go missing. The only way to avoid losing things during the packing and moving stages is to keep everything arranged neatly before the packing process begins and then pack in an organised manner and make an inventory as you go along so that you don’t lose anything and you’ll always know where you kept everything. Breaking/ Damaging ThingsAccidents happen and there’s very little you can do except be very careful, avoid rushing through tasks and make sure your home is as neat and orderly as possible. The more confused and hurried you are and the more cluttered and disorganised your home is, the greater are the chances of things being dropped, stepped upon, bumped against and otherwise damaged. Haphazard Packing Packing in a disorganised, haphazard manner isn’t much of a problem until you get to the unpacking stage. Most people end up packing in an inefficient way because they leave the task until too late. Packing with no particular direction may not seem like much of an issue as long as everything fits into the moving boxes, but you’ll find yourself at your wits’ end when you begin unpacking things in the new house. To avoid this unnecessary stress, pack things according to a simple, effective principle like a room-by-room theme or pack items together according to function/ use. Make sure you mark each box with clear, precise labels. These little steps will really help you streamline the moving process. DelaysMost people accept that when it comes to house moves, delays are inevitable. However, while factoring in some extra time is certainly advisable, simply giving up and resigning yourself to delays is not. Create a proper schedule for each day’s tasks, leading up to moving day. To avoid any delays on moving day call the moving company the previous day to confirm timings and follow your timetable to keep things going according to plan. TrafficTraffic problems are one of the most common sources of worry during home relocations. There’s very little you can do to control traffic, and it can be so frustrating to do everything right on your end only to get caught up in a messy traffic situation. The only way you can avoid traffic delays and problems is by carefully planning your move for a time of day when there isn’t a lot of traffic on the roads. Avoid peak office hours and other rush hours and plan your move as early in the day as possible. Also, don’t forget, most commercial moving vehicles are governed by very particular laws and timing regulations: you’ll have to ask your moving company/ transport company for more details on the same.

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