Who Should Be Moving your Home for You?

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  • Published on Sunday, 16 June 2013
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Who Should Be Moving your Home for You? Finding the best form of removals service can be a nightmare. You’l have so much to sort out aside from the actual transportation bit, that it may seem like hell on earth trying to find the right method for getting everything you own to another place. The beauty and the burden of this job is that there are so many options available to you, which can mean they are a real pain to choose between. You will likely have looked into a few avenues for what route to go down, but it can be difficult to know which one is right for your needs. In reality, we can not tell you which is the perfect way to do things, as every one’s move differs, but there are a few pointers that we can give you to make sure that your move goes as smoothly as possible, and getting the right method of removal is one of the best ways to do this.First off, how big is your move? If it is bigger than a large three bed house, then you will almost definitely need to get a removals company in. If you are smaller than that, then you may be able to do the move yourself, with a man and van service, or even with a mate who has a big car! It is hard to know in advance whether you will be able to pull off these self moves without a hitch, so if you can afford to use a removals team, and can’t afford any risks, then you are best off going with one. When selecting a removals team, you will come up against a vast list of companies in the UK. Only talk with companies in your area, and make sure that you have a look on the various price comparison sites that are available to you online. You will also find great use in independent reviews sites which will give you a run down of how each company has performed for previous companies. These reviews are very useful as they will highlight particularly noteworthy experiences and incidents that may have happened, which can either act as a recommendation or warning whichever way it goes. You will likely find that there are anomalies in most reviews that will tell of horrendous happenings, but if they are one amongst hundreds of great reviews, then it is clear that you should not read too much in to it. Avoid companies that have track records of laziness or being late however, as these risks are not worth taking.If you decide that you do not necessarily need a removals company, then you can get looking at the different man and van services that are available to you. Again, use a company in your area, and scour the local ads and gumtree for the smaller independent outfits who will not have overheads like website costs that will bring the price up. These smaller companies or standalone van men will give you great value for money, as well as often being a lot more pleasant to deal with. Make sure that you do the move with a friend who can help you lift things however, as some van men will not be able to do everything that you need. Make sure that you minimize your time with the van if you are paying by the hour by having everything ready to go before the van arrives, as waiting time can be wasted cash down the drain!

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