4 Ways You Can Help Your Furniture Removals

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  • Published on Monday, 02 September 2013
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4 Ways You Can Help Your Furniture Removals Once you’ve found your new dream home and found a buyer to take your soon-to-be old property off your hands, you then have to turn your attention towards the logistics of moving. Considering the amount of items you have to transport, it’s probably best to hire out a professional removal firm. And if you have to move a lot of furniture, it’s unquestionably beneficial to hire out a removal firm and using their furniture removal service. Most removal firms will consider furniture removal part of the overall service, but some may charge a little extra in order to move your sofas, armchairs, desks and tables. But considering how heavy and hard furniture can be to move, it’s well within your interests to use a furniture removal service, even if it costs more.If you already have a furniture removal service booked, then there are a few ways in which you can help the professional furniture removers move all of your upholstery, bookshelves, bedframes, and whatever else out your home and into the transport vehicle. Here are just a handful of ways:1)    Make sure all rooms and corridors are clearedThe last thing professional furniture removals want to deal with is clutter. Carry and moving a sofa out of a room, around winding, narrow corridors is hard enough – doing that and having to step over an assault course of clutter is even harder! When you know what day your furniture removers are coming into your home, make sure that when they arrive your hallways and rooms with furniture in them are clear, ready to let the professionals do what they do best. If there is a clear path from each piece of furniture to the curb outside your home, then the job of moving all the furniture out of your soon-to-be old home and into the transport vehicle will go much more smoothly.2)    Take the legs and wheels off your furnitureMost pieces of furniture – be they sofas, arm chairs, wardrobes, or whatever else – will be supported by legs or wheels. These, in most cases, can easily be taken off either by hand, or with the help from a handy screwdriver. Once you’ve taken them off, be sure to put them in a secure and safe place so you can put them back on when you move into your new residence. The reason why this will help you furniture removers is because it will save them doing it. When navigating large pieces of furniture down narrow corridors and through slim doorframes, you ideally want to make the furniture as small as possible. Taking the legs and wheels off your furniture will decrease the dimensions of your furniture by an inch or two. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but an inch less could be all it takes to move a sofa out of a narrow door frame.3)    Don’t hoover before – wait until after the removers are goneThis isn’t so much a way to help the furniture removers; it’s more of a tip for you. Once all the furniture has been carried out of your home, you’ll find your house is a lot more dusty and dirty. This is because furniture is generally not cleaned and can collect a lot of dust. When you move it, that dust will displace itself around other places of your house. So don’t bother hovering before; wait until after the professionals have left.4)    Put the kettle onEveryone loves a cup of tea – especially those who are undertaking a physical mammoth of a task. Offering the professionals tea will keep you in good stead.

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