Making Your Move Environmentally Friendly

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  • Published on Friday, 08 November 2013
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Making Your Move Environmentally Friendly Over the years, the effect that humankind has had on the planet becomes more and more apparent. Toxic fumes, landfills, using up resources and waste being dumped into the sea have all accumulated and we can all suffer the consequences. As time progresses we also learn new ways in which we can prevent this and go about our normal lives without doing any damage. This can come in different forms such as taking part in local recycling programmes, using energy saving light bulbs, installing solar panels, driving a hybrid car, buying goods that use minimal packaging and much more. It can require extra work to stick to a green life as you have to go out of your way to ensure what you do is environmentally friendly. This can usually achieved simply but when you have to do it while in the middle of a tough task it becomes much more difficult to handle. During a move to a new home or workplace, you will have any things to manage such as planning, sorting goods, packing, heavy lifting, transportation and more so while trying to do all this when trying to guarantee everything is done greenly becomes tough. However, you should not worry because some useful tips can be applied that will make your move environmentally friendly and go smoothly. One way of making things eco-friendly while keeping your move simple is by eliminating the amount of goods you take with you. The more items you convey from one address to another means more packaging and boxes are used and more trips have to be taken to transport things, which will create more fumes. Assess all of your goods and determine if there is anything you no longer desire. Once you have some items see if they can be recycled at a local depot or collected as part of a regular recycling service. You may be able to sell these items online, at a market or to a second-hand store, as well as donate them to a charity shop. Some of your family, friends or colleagues may be interested so ask them if they want your unnecessary items. When you come around to packing your goods, you will need a lot of material. Rather than buying new items though, you be bale to make use of things you already have. You can wrap objects up with newspaper, clothes, old cloths and sheets, so if you have any spare, utilise them. If you have any old boxes from appliances then use them rather than purchasing new containers. Ask acquaintances if they have any of this spare that you can use. If you must buy new packing material, ensure that it can be recycled or is at least biodegradable. Cardboard boxes should be used rather than plastic boxes because they are biodegradable and can be easily recycled, though as plastic boxes are stronger, you can use them after the move for other purposes. Avoid throwing away boxes and material after the move is complete. When transporting your goods you want to limit the amount of time a vehicle spends on the road. In order to do this it is better to use one large vehicle that can fit all your goods inside rather than several smaller vans, each wit various loads. Ensure that the swiftest route is taken to your new address so it is on the roads for the last amount of possible time. If you follow these tips that you can certify that your move will be help both the environment and you.

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