Look On The Bright Side - The Benefits of A Move

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  • Published on Thursday, 14 November 2013
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Look On The Bright Side - The Benefits of A Move When you find yourself on the verge of a move it can often feel like a shock when you first transition on from the “idea” of a move to the “practice” of a move. Suddenly, what once seemed like a thing which was under your control now seems like a plot created by someone else and inflicted on you without your knowledge or consent. This isn’t to suggest at all that a move is a bad thing, or that moving has to be stressful, sad or extremely difficult. The simple reality just happens to be that, while also being a great and empowering experience most of the time, moving homes is consistently something which people don’t understand the impact of on their lives, until they’ve actually gotten to the point where they’re set a time-limit to get the move done by, and have to knuckle done and get busy.When it comes time for us to actually start packing, tidying, filling in forms and all of the other stuff which goes along with relocating from one home to another, it can all begin to feel a bit disheartening. In these situations, it’s important to remember the numerous benefits which come from moving to a new property. Looking at things in this way creates a positive framework of thought which allows us to not only meet our day-to-day “moving challenges” and tasks with energy and interest, but which also allows us to use the move itself as a positive and empowering experience rather than as a tiresome and stressful one.So, here are some of the reasons why you should keep smiling during your move:(1)    Moving Gives You The Chance to Start FreshIt may sound like a cliché, but the simple truth is that most of us battle frequently against our negative habits and patterns of behaviour, while trying to replace those habits with positive and productive ones.Often our daily grind and routine makes it difficult for us to summon the willpower to break those negative patterns of behaviour and thought. What we really need in order to cast aside all of the unwelcome baggage from our lives and rediscover what is important, is to change our physical surroundings and circumstances.Moving home is the perfect opportunity for that. It’s the perfect metaphor for “tidying up our lives” as well – it allows us to take stock of what we own and why we own it and then simplify and get rid of the unnecessary.(2)    Moving Gives Us The Opportunity To Create Our Dream HomeIt seems fair to say that many people “lose control” of their homes at some point during the time in which they live there. It might start off with reasonably good intentions and then end up tailing off into a disorganized kind of setting, or it might start off as a chaotic pile of belongings strewn across the floor, and never evolve past that point.Moving homes – when combined with a bit of thought, planning, and attention to detail, grants us the opportunity to completely remodel our living space and move past the mess and annoyances that we’d grown used to in our old home.If we commit the necessary time and focus to planning our ideal format for our new living space – and practice disciplining ourselves to stick to that structure – we end up being able to “live in our dream home”.

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