Keeping The Kids Happy During A Domestic Removal

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  • Published on Thursday, 23 January 2014
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Keeping The Kids Happy During A Domestic Removal Moving house is a stressfully large job, and it can often be the case that you have enough on your plate as it is, but throw in a couple of younger children, and like anything, it all gets a lot more hectic! The fact of the matter is, a removal is a little like another child in itself! You need to pay it lots of attention, because any trouble with it could cause you a lot of grief! Moving with kids is simply a case of planning well and balancing the issues that may come of having to look after both the removal and your children, and everyone’s move will be different. You will know the specifics that apply to your kids’ needs, but in terms of the ways that the move may affect you, it can be good to have some easy pointers, to get you headed in the right direction!1.    Plan well.You need to be completely sure of the plan for the move, to ensure that there is no point at which you are going to be taken surprise by the situations that you find yourself in. The best way to form a plan is to run through the move in your head, detailing the specifics, from who will be doing the packing on what days, how you will be loading the van, what will happen throughout the journey and how the unpacking will go. All the way through these scenarios, think about who is looking after the children. Will they be at school or play group? Will you have a relative on hand to look after them? Do you need a baby sitter on any of the more difficult days? Obviously the best situation is to have your kids close by, but in some situations that will be impossible, or perhaps dangerous, like when the removals men are lugging huge bits of heavy furniture around the house, and the kids could well get underfoot and hurt really badly! For these situations, you need to book in a sitter or relative to look after them well in advance, to prevent last minute panic.2.    Think about their comfort.During a removal, there will be a period of time here the boxes in the van are not easily accessible, and for a couple of days either side of the actual move day the items that are usually so easily gotten to in your house will be pretty difficult to access. For this reason you need to make allowances for the kids in particular. Having a box out with their favorite toys, games and books will mean that you always have a way to distract them. A portable DVD player can be a life saver, and can be bought second hand for fairly cheap. Anything to keep them distracted!3.    The traveling box!Whilst you are on the road, you will likely need to ensure that you have certain things with you. From the children’s favorite food, to blanket and spare clothes for if it gets cold, or there is a spillage! You simply need to remember that you are not going to be arriving at a very homely home, so be ready for any issues that you may encounter. Anything that could go wrong needs to be prepared for, from being stuck outside of the house, to there being no electricity or water! Have a couple of take away numbers ready, as well as ways of getting warm, and lots of entertainment and you should be fine!

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