Unpacking when Moving Home

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  • Published on Friday, 31 January 2014
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Unpacking when Moving Home There are plenty of tips around the internet about efficient ways to pack, best practices and other information, but when it comes to unpacking, there isn’t quite the level of support. But unpacking properly can be equally as important, as it will take up much of the early time you spend in your new home and so stands as the first task you will complete there. Packing well will make the whole job a lot easier, as your belongings will be in clearly marked boxes and their contents arranged sensibly, meaning you can make better decisions about what to unpack and when rather than diving into random boxes in the hope that you will find what you are looking for. The general guide to unpacking is ‘do it in the order the best helps you settle in quickly, but for most this follows a similar path. The best place to start as soon as your removal team has left is with a thorough inspection of the cleanliness of your new property. If it isn’t up to scratch then give it a once over with a duster and vacuum. You don’t want to be building your bed on top of a dirty carpet or placing ornaments on top of dusty fireplaces, so if the place hasn’t already been cleaned then make this a priority. From there move on to your essentials box or boxes. The boxes you packed containing the items you simply cannot live without, which tend to mainly go in the kitchen and bathroom but may include a couple of changes of clothes. If it included a small stereo, plug it in and pump some sound through your new walls. Make yourself a cup of tea or a drink, and move on from there as you now have everything in place to tackle everything head-on. Get all your appliances fitted and switched on, particularly the fridge-freezer if you have brought any food with you to ensure this does not go past its best. Assemble and make your bed to ensure you have somewhere to rest when you have had enough of unpacking for the day (don’t be afraid to admit it, it will happen and proper sleep will make you much more able to tackle the rest of it the next day).   Next up comes unpacking the kitchen, starting with washing up materials, cutlery, crockery, glassware and the pots and pans. Think about where you put things because re-arranging a kitchen can be time-consuming and arduous. Identify where certain things should go, such as glasses in a head-height cupboard and cutlery in an easy-access top drawer. From here all the other items should find their own homes by way of places filling up. Having a tidy and organised kitchen will give the place a sense of calm and allow you to start cooking and eating well, which is essential to staying healthy and in a good mood as you settle in. From here get the bathroom unpacked, which should not too long and will allow you to freshen up at the end of what will be a very long day. From here get the living room in a habitable state, including getting the television set up and a few books on the shelves. Get the cover off your sofas and the coffee table in place to that in the morning, you have somewhere to enjoy a coffee and get the day of inevitable unpacking off to a good start. From here, you can move onto other rooms in the house, but by getting the communal rooms in good shape first you make the unpacking process a lot easier.

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