Assisted Storage - Why Would You Need It?

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  • Published on Friday, 07 February 2014
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Assisted Storage - Why Would You Need It? The world of storage is not one that many people get that deep in to. There are many aspects of storage that  are not seen or used by most people, as the general populous tend to simply opt for large chain self storage facilities. It may or may not be obvious that removals companies and storage companies go hand in hand, but either way, it may be a surprise to find out that many larger removals companies decide to cut out any middle management, and get start offering storage facilities themselves. It seems strange that they would do as such in the event that you are not aware of the ways in which storing your items can affect the way in which you deal with your property, but when you hear of how large an impact storage can have, you may well want to rethink how you go about your next move.One of the difficulties with moving house is that when you are buying and selling, your dates with the other parties need to line up pretty nicely. Exchanging money for a new property so that you can move in to your new place means that the other person has to be able to move in to theirs etcetera, and you will no doubt find that this opens up many complexities. Would it not be easier to take the pressure of having to move into a new place right away out of the equation? Would it not be useful to leave all of your things somewhere safe and secure, whilst renting a smaller cheaper place, or staying with friends whilst you found your perfect new place? Obviously it would, and such a situation would give the buyer of your current place a lot more confidence, in that they would not worry that you may break off the sale because you can’t find a place to live. It also speeds up the move day, and prevents any issues with your leaving the property in time for them to move in, as you can move out days before if needs be. Having a removals company put your things in to assisted storage is like moving house, except that you don’t unpack immediately. Instead, the company pack everything up, transport it to their own facility and store it much more cheaply than a self storage place would. In essence you end up with a situation where you are free to govern your next purchase on your own terms, as long as you have the funds in place to keep paying for rent and storage. This is where it can be a problem. Not everyone can afford a professional packing service, nor sometimes the types of prices that a company of this type would require. However, the issues that you face if you cannot find a place, or you might default, or perhaps have a hold up of a couple of days upon exchanging may well be just as costly. You need to weigh up your options and have a professional home surveyor form the removals come round and give you a quote to ensure that the price that you are given is exactly the kind of money that you are dealing with. A good removals service will also offer insurance on packing that they have done, as well as the correct packing boxes, removals blankets, dust covers and all sorts of other specialist equipment to ensure that your items are as safe as possible.

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