Everything you Need to Know about Office Removals

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  • Published on Monday, 17 February 2014
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Everything you Need to Know about Office Removals Relocating your entire company to a new office whether it’s a company of five or a company of five hundred can feel like an endless struggle as well as being an incredibly exciting time. A new office can revive a company but only once you’ve actually got there! There is a lot to think about and because it involves various different people it can be an absolute nightmare to organise. However, it can be done and with the right time and planning put in, your office move can be a complete success! Taking the Time to PlanMaking sure that you put the correct time in to plan your office move is absolutely essential. There is so much organising, researching and co-ordinating to do that if you don’t set the required amount of time aside, there is a genuine chance that you won’t get it all done or certainly you won’t get it all done properly which will cost you in the long run both in time and money. Organising an office move may sound like a daunting and difficult task but it truly is worth taking the time to do properly. Everything else will fall into place much more easily! Choosing the Right LocationChoosing the location for your new offices is absolutely vital because you’re probably only going to want to do it once, so you’ll want to do be doing it right! There are several factors you’ll want to think about including the distance for both you and the rest of the staff to travel to work, whether there is ample parking and public transport connections close by. This is also vital for when clients or customers need to visit the office. It is worth looking at whether there are competitors nearby, if not why not and if so how it will affect your own business. Contractors and BlueprintsOnce you have chosen your location and found the office that you want to move into then it’s time to get contractors in straight away so you can iron out any potential problems as soon as possible and not find out about them along the way instead. You will also want to obtain the blueprints to the office so that you can find out before moving day whereabouts phone lines, internet access points, stairwells and other important things are and plan your office accordingly. This will save you an unbelievable amount of time and effort on moving day and your removals service will certainly thank you for it! The Right Removal CompanyChoosing the right removal company will ensure that your moving process goes smoothly, securely and as efficiently as possible. It’s important to look for a company with a strong reputation, fair price and plenty of experience in office removals. With all of this then they should be fine for your move and get it all done in good time and for a good price. You can’t spend enough time researching removals companies because they will make or break your moving experience.Organising and PackingGetting your office ready to move early on will save trouble in the long run. Make sure to get rid of all your clutter as there is no point in moving things you simply don’t need anymore! Get everything in labelled boxes and make sure you know how much furniture will need to be de-assembled and you won’t be able to go wrong. Make sure you pick a good time for the move when the least amount of working hours will be disrupted and hopefully the office will be back to normal in its new location in no time!

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