How Utilities Can Affect Your House Removals

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  • Published on Friday, 07 March 2014
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How Utilities Can Affect Your House Removals When moving home, the majority of the attention is often paid to what will be taken to the new property. As such, very little attention is paid to the things which are being left behind. Indeed, the name which you leave behind on a utilities bill can often be hugely important and it is always important to recognise and address your utilities contractors as having a role to play in your house move. But how can they affect the move and what can you do to make sure that the entire process flow as smoothly as possible? Work undertaken during the move prevent issues not only in the immediate future, but can prevent long term issues as well. As soon as it becomes apparent that you will be moving home, you should begin to make plans to inform your utilities companies before you move. The gas, electric, water and internet in your home are all vital, and making sure that you tell the respective companies that you are leaving will ensure that the company is able to take your name away from the account. While it can be difficult to plan a move, with short term and long term windows both common requirements, taking the time to address the utilities issues as soon as possible can allow you time to deal with issues which the company might have. Some services require the customer to take a final meter reading before departing and some companies will allow the user to switch the account to the new address. This can be helpful is you are happy with the service, allowing it to carry over to the new property. When departing from the house for the final time, take care to ensure that the taps, gas and other such things are all turned off. Rather than wasting water and similar things, taking the time to make sure that there is no ongoing usage will mean that neither yourself nor the new occupant will be faced with a large bill in the future. It can also prevent accidents in the event of the house being left empty for any length of time. If there are any issues – leaky pipes and the like – then making the next owner, the landlord or the utility company aware of the problems can be hugely helpful. An important point of consideration when thinking about utilities during the move is that the previous owners of your future home might not have been quite so helpful. When you do reach the new property, preparing for the worst should always be viewed as the best possible option, if a little pessimistic. Whilst you yourself might have taken the time to ensure that everything is in order, it might not be the case in the new home. For example, if you reach the new property and find that there is no heating or internet, have a default system to fall back on, such as mobile internet or extra blankets if you feel you might be in need. The final step of this process is setting up the utilities in the new home. This is quite a nice way of confirming the house as your own, with your name now on all of the bills. When it comes to finding the right companies to help you, it is now possible to get comparison tools on the internet which allow you to compare a number of prices easily. If the previous occupants were with a different company to the one you wish to work with, it may require a call to the previous supplier first.

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