How To Move Your Fridge When You Move House

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  • Published on Friday, 28 March 2014
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How To Move Your Fridge When You Move House If you furnished your own home and you’re getting ready to move into a new property then you’re faced with quite a few difficult tasks! There are very few appliances in your home that are going to be as difficult to move as your fridge! Fridges are heavy and needed to be moved with the proper care, as it’s easy for floors to rip and scratch under the weight of a fridge. If you have to move your fridge and you’re looking for hints and tips to make the job easier, all you need to do is read the following helpful tricks to ensure that you don’t need to worry on moving day!1)    Start by emptying your refrigerator and cleaning it thoroughly. In the weeks leading up to your house move you should have already started to eat through any food that is stored in your fridge, so this should make the job easier. Don’t forget to clean the fridge, as you might otherwise be left having to deal with unpleasant odours once it’s been unplugged for some time.2)    Your fridge is composed of shelves and drawers which are all removable. Take out all removable parts of your fridge so that nothing can rattle around or even become damages during transit. Store the parts in clearly labelled boxes so you’ll be able to find them when you need to.3)    Now it’s time to turn off your refrigerator. Switch it off and unplug it from the wall. If you have an ice maker as part of your fridge then you might also need to disconnect this from the water source. Make sure that no plugs will be left trailing behind when you start to move the fridge, as this can cause damage!4)    The last thing you want to have to deal with is damage to the door of your fridge. It’s not enough just to close the door – you also need to secure it shut with a rope or cord. Once this is done you won’t have to worry about the door falling open during transit. Be aware that, after a period of a few hours, mould and mildew might form in your fridge if there is no air supply.5)    Hire a refrigerator dolly to safely and easily transport your fridge out of your home. You’ll need the help of at least two other people. Together try to shuffle the fridge away from the wall and carefully lift it onto the dolly. It can now be wheeled to wherever it needs to go. Improper lifting can cause damages to both you and your fridge, so always take extra care and only ever lift with your legs. Be wary of scratching or scraping the floor when you move your fridge, especially if you have linoleum in your kitchen, as this can be expensive and long-winded to repair!6)    You should only ever move your fridge in the upright position. Leaning it on its side or back can cause the oil contained in the compressor to flow into the tubes which are used to keep your fridge cold. This can have a serious effect on your refrigerator, and it’s definitely one of the top things to avoid when moving yours!7)    Let your fridge sit for a few hours before plugging it in once it’s in its new home. The fridge needs time for the oil and fluids to return to their rightful places, and turning it on before this process is complete can cause damages.

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