Getting To Grips With Man And Van Companies

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  • Published on Wednesday, 02 April 2014
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Getting To Grips With Man And Van Companies When you are doing a smaller move, the man and van service is your best friend. You will likely find that there are a great many services of this type in the area, and this is one of the best things about the man and van - they are flexible and available. However, this can be a bit of a double edged sword, in that there are so many to choose from that you never know whether you err going to get a great service, or end up with a bit of a dud! There are a few things that you can keep an eye out for however, so be aware of a few things, and you should be able to get the right service for your needs. For a start, you need to know what you want. Be aware of the size of van that you need, as well as the dimensions of your longest object, if you are worried that it won’t fit in. If you know the exact load size of that which you re moving, then you can always look online to find the specs of vans that suit your load size. You need to have times, dates and addresses written down, so that you can get your quite quickly and easily, and avoid any annoying messing around trying to remember what’s going on! In some ways, the best way to start after this is not to get online and start fishing, but to ask your family and friends as to who they have used in the past. You are bound to find someone who uses one regularly enough, and if they are using them regularly, then the van man must be doing something right! Many van services avoid advertising too much, as having a phone number on the internet can mean that you get a lot of strange callers, and at all hours! So, if you don’t ask, you may never find out about the amazing van driver that you could be using!When looking online, be wary that absolutely anyone can set up an advert on a free ads site, and this is means to tread carefully. You will likely find a wide range of prices offered, but in reality, they will often work out as the same, simply because many services will offer a low price, and then add extras on top, for things that you would presume were included, like helping to lift and load things in to the van, or for fuel per mile etcetera. Be aware that whilst a quote removes a certain amount of risk, it will almost always be a lot more than you would pay for a fair hourly rate. If you do your research and work out how long a removal is meant to take, then you can sort how much you should be spending. A quote will add a fair amount on to this to cover any unexpected hold ups, as well as the drive home. If you are clever about it, then you can avoid most traffic simply by traveling at the right time of day, and by taking the right route. The main filter that you should use is the way in which you feel about the van person having talked to them on the phone. If they sounded like they didn’t really have time to talk to you when you were trying to book them, then it is likely that they won’t be particularly interested in making your move easy and friendly...

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