An Essential Guide To Moving With Pets

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  • Published on Wednesday, 16 April 2014
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An Essential Guide To Moving With Pets Moving home can be a difficult task alone never mind when you are moving with pets, this can be especially difficult whilst moving with cats and dogs, has they will have more tendency to be  attached to their territory.  There are several helpful tips below to entire that your pets have a less stressful move to your new home. Things to do before you move home.Ensure that your cat or dog has a new identity collar; this should include their name and your new contact details, make sure that they are wearing the collar on the day of your move. By ensuring your pet is wearing their new collar will maximise the chances of your cat or dog being returned to your new home if they get lost.If you are moving far a long distance, it may be wise to ask your vet for travelling tables, has some pets can also suffer from travel sickness. Pets can become alarmed whilst strangers are coming in and out of your home whilst undertaking the removal, it may be a good idea to ask friends or family to pet sit on the day of the house move, if there is no one available then it is worth finding a pet sitting company or put your pet in the kennels or cattery for the day.If your pet is microchiped then do not forget to update and re-register your pet with a new vet, and if your pet is insured then it is vital that you update your new details with your insurance policy. The day you move into your new homeThe day of your move can prove very distressing for your pet, if you do get a safe place for your pet to be whilst moving this can and will interrupt their usual routine, so if you have no other choice than to let your pet stay with you whilst moving home it is important that you ensure that your cat is securely in your home before the removals commence.  If you leave your cat outdoors then they may become wary of returning home with all the commotion going on, it may be a good idea to spray your cat with a calming pheromone so they are less stressed whilst you are moving. Weather permitting you can secure your dog on a lead in the garden ensuring they have a shelter and plenty of water, this will enable them to be in a safe and secure environment that they are used to causing them less stress.After you move into your new home.Your pet will require some time to adjust into their new environment; there are certain things you can do to ensure that you help them settle in to their new surroundings. Put down their boundary’s straight away, show your pet where there are going to sleep and make sure their bed is ready for them,  from the start make sure you let your pets know which room there are and are not allowed into.It is a good idea to keep cats in your new home at least a day or two so that they are used to your new house, when the time comes to let your cat out ensure that you feed them beforehand before letting them out for the first time.Ensure that your garden is well secured before letting your pet out, check that all fences and gates are secure with no gaps so that your pat cannot easily escape.Make sure you get your pet back to their old routine as soon as possible.

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