Should You Move House Without The Help Of A Removal Company

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  • Published on Wednesday, 30 April 2014
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Should You Move House Without The Help Of A Removal Company Lots of people move house every single year, and although lots of people choose to move with the help of a removal company, there are plenty of people who move without one. If you’re unsure about hiring a removal company for your moving day then let us help you make up your mind as we explore whether or not you should move house without the help of a removal company. 1)    Do you have the money to hire a removal company?Although there are lots of affordable removal companies out there, moving house is an expensive time that can cost you and your family a lot of money, and if you’re worried about your costs then you need to ask yourself whether or not you really need a removal company. Ask friends and family and get yourself some free price quotes to find out roughly how much it will cost you to hire professional help and see if it can be worked into your budget. You might find it better to hire just a van or even just one mover, but it is possible to move without professional help, so don’t feel obligated if you haven’t got the funds! 2)    Can you avoid moving company scams?Moving companies are unfortunately well-known in the scam and con industry. Lots of people have fallen victim to scams through shoddy and unprofessional removal companies, but if you’re considering hiring one then this shouldn’t put you off. If you put time and effort into checking your company then you shouldn’t have to worry about being conned. Look for reviews, listen out for recommendations and carefully read any contracts before signing anything. 3)    Are you moving into a furnished home?Moving from a furnished home to another furnished home can make your moving day a lot easier, as you won’t have to worry about lifting and carrying heavy furniture or trying to get big appliances down your stairs! If you don’t have large items to carry then you might not get the full benefits if you hire a removal company. You might want to hire a van or a man with a van instead to save yourself money! 4)    Do you own or have access to a moving van?Although moving house with professional help might not be right for you, moving with a van is definitely a good idea. What might be 6 or 7 trips in your car might only be one in a large van, so it can save you time, effort and money in petrol costs too! Ask your family, friends and work colleagues to find out if they know anyone with a van who might be able to help you out. A friend of a friend won’t be as costly as hiring a professional van, and you might be able to move easily without the expensive price tags so why not ask around? 5)    Have you moved house before?If you’ve moved house before without the help of a removal company then ask yourself if you really need one now. Moving companies can offer help and support if you’re moving on your own, moving for the first time or moving with lots of heavy items of furniture, but if you just have boxes and you have the help of experienced friends and family then maybe hiring professional movers isn’t for you!

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