How To Quickly Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Items In Time For Moving Day

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  • Published on Wednesday, 07 May 2014
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How To Quickly Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Items In Time For Moving Day If you’re moving into a new home then you need to make sure that you’re only taking the items that you need and want to keep. A common mistake when moving is to pack up absolutely everything, but do you really need to spend your time packing boxes with things you never use, or lifting heavy items of furniture that have seen better days? Getting rid of items in your home for moving day might sound like a lot of effort, but it can save you time and money! Here are just a few of the best ways in which you can quickly and easily get rid of some of your belongings in time for moving day. 1)    Explore your home.Begin by thorough exploring your home to see what items you have and consider what it is you might want to part with. If your new home is smaller than your current one then you might have to be quite strict with your choices. Try making a list of what you want to get rid of so that you have a good idea of how many items you have. 2)    Be strict!Set yourself rules and guidelines if you want to sell or donate some of what you own. Although you may have attachments to lots of what you have, there’s no point holding onto items that no longer work as they should, or that you don’t use regularly. Ask yourself how often you use each thing and whether or not you actually want to get rid of it. 3)    Donations.Once you have an idea of what items you’re parting with it’s time to decide the best method for doing so. Clothes, books, DVDs and other items like this can be donated to charity, as they’re unlikely to fetch you a lot of money. If you are clearing out your home then make it known to your friends and family so that they can claim anything that they might like of yours. Speak to your local charity shops and charity organisations to see if they’ll be able to collect large amounts of items, and why not try finding a charity shop which specialises in furniture if you want to get rid of yours? 4)    Making use of the internet.Although donating your belongings can be an excellent idea, you might also want to consider selling what you have. The internet is a fantastic place to do this, as there are many free-to-advertise websites that are community-based and local. You might also want to advertise on social media websites, auction websites and donation sites too! 5)    How your community can help you.A great way to get rid of your belongings is to have a home sale or join a jumble sale or car boot sale. Have a look in your local newspaper for information about any that might be happening near you. There’s nothing stopping you from throwing your own jumble sale, but be aware that this will require a lot of advertising! Another idea is to try your local paper to advertise items of furniture and other large pieces of equipment or appliances. 6)    Storage units.If you only want to get rid of your belongings temporarily than a storage unit is the ideal choice for you! Have a look into local companies, but make sure to read the fine print before you sign any contract!

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