Unpacking Your Belongings Into Your New Home

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  • Published on Thursday, 22 May 2014
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Unpacking Your Belongings Into Your New Home When you arrive at the new house, it is pretty essential that you are able to unpack in a clever and efficient manner. There is very little point in putting up pictures when you have not reassembled the beds, nor got the oven working, so be practical about it, no matter how exciting the prospect of decorating the place may be! In the event that you are able to do as such, order the boxes out, so that there is never a question as to what you need to unpack next in which room. There are many ways in which to ensure that your unpacking goes easily, and you will be pleased to find out that it is a much more relaxed and easy going process than the packing stages were! For a start, there is no point unpacking things if the house is dusty or dirty. The previous owners or tenants should have had the place cleaned, but if the house has lain dormant for a while, then it will likely have become dusty. In reality, you want to have the place cleaned before you even move anything in, as this will prevent your items becoming dirty, as well as giving you the space to get the place cleaned efficiently, without having to move stuff around all the time! In an ideal world, you will have sent the cleaning company round the day before you arrived, but if that was not possible, then getting your mop out before you start unpacking is pretty essential! The hope is that you labelled the boxes with a rough idea of the contents, in order to ensure that they were easily accessed, and that you labelled the boxes with the rooms that they were destined for, and the removals company followed these instructions! If that went to plan, then you will have the boxes in the right rooms, and you will not need to tear through each one to work out which to unpack first. As mentioned earlier, you should unpack in a methodical order, ensuring that you are getting things out as you will most urgently need them. Bedding, clothing, kitchen utensils, communications devices and the like will all be high on the priorities list on your first day, so concentrate on making the place completely livable before you start decorating! Should you have any difficulties with installations, this is the time to get a handy man round to ensure that your boiler is up and running, your kitchen and utility room appliances are all connected, an everything is sound. The hope is that you were able to get the energy bills transferred over to the new place in advance, to reduce the need for any days without electricity or gas! Once you have the place working as a home, you will be in a great position to start making it your own. This is the best part, and the bit that you did all the work in packing up your old place in order to get down to. The joy of putting your personal stamp on a new place can’t be beaten, and you may start to feel like the move was well worth it in the end! Then again, you may not, depending on how much of a nightmare you had! If you prepare well, and ensure that you do things in the correct order, then there is no reason for the unpacking to be a problem whatsoever.

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