10 Tips For Office Moves

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  • Published on Monday, 28 July 2014
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10 Tips For Office Moves Find A Reputable Removals FirmWhen you’re moving confidential files and sensitive information it is imperative that you use a quality removals firm that will never misuse or lose important data. The last thing you need is to have a scandal on your hands!Pack Computers SecurelyDon’t let employees pack computers into their car so that they can move them directly to the new office. Not only could damage be incurred but any accident on the way could lead to insurance difficulties. All computers should be securely packaged using professional removal boxes and protective materials so that they remain in full working order throughout transit.Take Care With Confidential FilesConfidential files should never be left lying around during a move. Instead they should be given a prioritised treatment by the removals company to ensure that they are transported safely to your new premises. Always make sure that the boxes are signed for when they are taken and received so that you have a clear track of them at all times.Label Leads & Other EquipmentOffices tend to have a lot of hidden wires and computer leads which can be confusing when you’re trying to set everything back up. That is why leads and other equipment should always be clearly labelled before they’re packed up. If you don’t know what they are before you leave then it’s likely that they’re for an old computer or printer that you no long need; still it can be best to take them with you at first just in case they’re needed during setup.Transfer Phone LinesAlways try to make sure that you will have one working phone line at all times during your move. Discuss your moving arrangements with your phone provider well in advance of the move and put a contingency plan in place in case anything goes wrong. The last thing you want to do is upset your customers during the move.Try To Keep The Office OpenAlways try to make sure that at least one member of staff is setup to answer calls and queries throughout the duration of the move. This way, customers never need to know about how stressful or difficult the move has been.Store Archived FilesMoving to a new office can often be a good time to streamline your files and other items. And while there will always be things that you need to keep for audit purposes, there will also be things that you don’t need to access on a regular basis. So why not put these into a secure storage site? Storage can be a great way of keeping your new office looking clean and tidy and is ideal for keeping those unessential files and resources safe from harm.Arrange For Confidential Waste RemovalWhen you’re packing for an office move, it is inevitable that you will come across a lot of files and papers that you no longer need. So try to organise for a confidential waste removal company to pick up your waste on the day. That way you can be rest assured that any old information never gets into the wrong hands.CleanDon’t pack up files and computers without giving them a quick clean first. There’s no point in taking your old office dust with you on the move!CommunicateMake sure that everyone knows what their role is on moving day. Are there people dedicated to setting up the computers in the new office or is everyone doing their own? Also always try to make sure that customers are aware of any changes to your service offering for the day, this can avoid any unnecessary disappointment or upset along the way.

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