Finding The Best Removal Van For Your Needs - 4 Tips

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  • Published on Wednesday, 27 August 2014
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Finding The Best Removal Van For Your Needs - 4 Tips When it comes to ensuring that your domestic removals are going to go ahead perfectly, one of the main things that you need to think about is transport on your removal. You will find that there are a great many different ways in which you can get the job sorted, though often it depends on the size of the move, and the amount of stuff that you need to get transported! With regards to ensuring that you are able to get the job done well, you need to be thinking about every aspect of the removal pretty carefully, and the removal van is going to be one of those points. Have a look over the following pointers to see if there is anything that you may have neglected whilst thinking about what kind of commercial van you need!-    The type of van that you need for a move is all dependent on the load. If you have a lot of fine furniture and you want things to be really well protected, then a nice, new van will be ideal. Newer vans will have smooth flat loading floors, and clean inside areas, which will ensure that things are not likely to snag on the interior of the van, nor get dirty or messed up whilst you are using them. You should inspect all vans that you are planning on using for your move well in advance of booking it, as you don’t want to end up with something that is not fit for purpose on the day. -    The size of the van is the main thing that people worry about for a domestic removal, as it can be hard to work out. You will often be surprised by the amount that a bit of cleaver packing can do for the use of space in a commercial van, but the fact is that you can’t risk getting a removal van that is too small. Have a conversation with the removal van hire company, to see what they recommend. A smaller van, that is just lager than a people carrier, will tend to fit a two seater sofa, and a few boxes. A mid sized transit will fit a three seater sofa if you are lucky, as well as a few other more substantial bits and the boxes. A large transit can take on a two bed flat, depending on how much furniture you have! Removal vehicles tend to be even bigger than this, but you won’t be able to rent anything larger than a tail lift truck, which will be a pretty big undertaking in the first place! -    Do you need a driver? Man and van services are a great way to ensure that your move is going ahead with the ease of doing things yourself, but also the safety of having a professional involved. If there is any doubt in your mind about being able to drive a van safely, then you should use a professional to do the job, but the fact is that this will cost extra. A man with a van service will reduce the issues inherent in having others who are not so well versed in lifting however. -    Safety is a big part of the above points. You need to know that everyone and everything involved in your house relocation is safe and sound. Whilst this can be to do with knowing how to lift heavy items properly, it can also be to do with ensuring that the back of the van is packed in a way that keeps things safe.

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