Flight Or Freight? Moving Your Belongings Abroad For Beginners

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  • Published on Thursday, 25 September 2014
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Flight Or Freight? Moving Your Belongings Abroad For Beginners Whether you're only just considering the idea of moving abroad or whether you've already begun planning for the event, you'll need to know and accept that this process will take work and commitment. By planning ahead, looking into all your options and keeping on top of your To Do list, you'll achieve something incredible and be glad that you made the effort to get it right!So, where do you start? Have a look through the options for moving your belongings.Shipping services.Freight ships will carry items in water tight and air tight containers, so there's no need to worry about that salty sea air damaging your items in any way. If you're work is covering the cost of your move, double check to see exactly what they are offering to cover. There are many international moving companies who offer different deals and packages, so check out their costs and take the time to compare and contrast – it'll be worth the time spent doing this if it saves you hundreds of pounds.Look at the size, standard and quality of the shipping company you're considering too. You are entrusting the contents of your house with this company, not just a few trinkets. Call them up and talk to them if you doubts or concerns and go with your gut instinct. Your own peace of mind is just as valuable as the contents of those containers!The cost of shipping is normally its most attractive feature when comparing it to other methods, such as flying. Freight can be the cheaper option, but it is also the longest. Each company is different and also each route, so look into timings as soon as you know you'll be moving abroad. Some can take 1 month, other countries can take as much as six months. This means you'll have to time just when you yourself will move abroad. It's normally ideal to send your items off ahead of you. Time it so that you travel over a little bit before your items get there. This will allow you time to arrive, sort out paperwork and legal matters, clean and decorate the house (if required) and then be ready for when your items arrive.Moving by planeIt is possible to move items by plane. There are different companies that cater for this in different ways which range from taking extra items on a normal passenger flight to cargo planes that will take your items but not necessarily passengers and then there's the option of chartering a private flight to take you and all your things! Each of these options will vary in price a great deal but this is undoubtedly the most expensive option overall. The plus side of this method is that it is fast, and if you only have a few bits and bobs you are moving with, it can be fairly in-expensive too. Moving by vanYou can of course buy or hire a van to drive. If you can drive across borders or take the occasional vehicle-carrying ferry when it comes to water, then you may opt for this. Prices can vary, depending on whether this will be a one way trip and there are various removal companies who can carry out this service at very reasonable prices. What's more, they'll be experts in their craft and know just how to organise this kind of move. The enjoyable thing about driving a hire van across countries is the sheer experience of it. By driving through your new country of choice, you'll also be getting to know its landscape and people. What better way to start your new life!

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