Calculating The Cost Of Moving House

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  • Published on Tuesday, 04 November 2014
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Calculating The Cost Of Moving House It is essential to weigh up the cost involved when moving house, though you will have sorted out the necessary finance for your new property to finance it, there is however a lot of other hidden extras to count. One of the extra costs of moving house is the actual removal. Though you can reduce costs and do it yourself if you don’t have the time you will need to hire a professional removals company to do it. These companies do a great job but are not cheap. They are however a great answer when time is limited and you want it done quickly and efficiently. If you opt to go down this path then make sure you hire a reputable and established removal company. Ask around and find out some companies that have a good reputation. If you can’t get recommendations you will have to do your research and look at local papers and see who is around in the area. You can research online and get a list of companies in your area. If you like the looks of their deals then call and book a meeting. Make sure you get a few quotes, from several companies. Organise a meeting and discuss your requests with the consultants and it also gives you the opportunity to get a precise calculation on the amount you are moving. Get some details such as what services they handle and rates. Look into the smaller details such as insurance and hidden expenses such as late delays and breakdowns. Companies that have been in business longer are more likely to have a lot of experience and plenty of equipment and resources to make moving house easier.  When you have found the firm you are happy with book your moving date. If you want to cut costs and keep the moving cost down then you will have to do it yourself. Many people are capable of doing the move. You just need to take your time and plan in advance how you intend to do it. You can find lots of tips and advice from the internet as well as magazines and books. You will need to organise a removal vehicle in a size to suit your needs. A smaller vehicle is o.k. if you are moving locally as you can do a few trips. If you are moving to another area one trip is enough so try to get one in the size you need. The van hire centre can sometimes help advice you on loading and what weight to carry and how best to handle the unfamiliar vehicle. Book in advance if you can to get the best deal. In addition you will need to acquire packing materials and boxes. Ask at supermarkets and furniture stores for used boxes and packaging materials. You will need to buy labels, strong tape, bubble wrap scissors and marker pens. Don’t underestimate how much pacing supplies you need. You will need stacks of materials. It is a big job and you want your belongings safe and protected whilst in transit. It is a good idea if you are hiring a company or doing the move yourself to have a good sort out first. Over time we accumulate a lot of possessions and don’t always need them. Take the time and get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore.  Dump rubbish and broken bits and pieces, sell or give away unwanted things and recycle what you can such as glass, cardboard, plastic and paper. You may find that you considerable lessen the load you need to move. It is a waste of money taking stuff that you don’t use or is damaged and no use to anybody.

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