5 Useful Ideas When Moving House With A Pet

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  • Published on Tuesday, 11 November 2014
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5 Useful Ideas When Moving House With A Pet In all cases - enjoy the moving journey and don`t upset if something gone wrong or the pet acts like a kid. There is quite a difference from pet to pet, but they all are animals like the human and they also feel the stressful moving journey in their own way. There are so many ways to prepare yourself for the moving day with the pet that they range from getting just a simple sedative for your pet, to calling the vet to examine your pet or to collect all the vaccination records and certificates. Yet that`s only a hint of what`s to come, but there is no need to struggle - with these 5 useful ideas when moving with the pet, you get a clear and easy to do list for the moving house journey. Idea No 1: Check in advance if your new house is pet-friendly! Always before the decision to move to a new house or before the choice of removal services, you should inspect the new house with something in mind - is it pet-friendly. For example, the large dogs require more space for running and playing, while the cats can easily transform any leather furniture into something for recycling. In this case, a house with a large backyard is a great choice, especially if it`s enclosed and it has a vast space for running or for games with the pet.Idea No 2: Prepare enough space for a transportation of your pet, as well as the pet itself for the transportation. According to the size of your dog or cat - the carrier basket should also be the right size. Ensure enough water and food, while when moving house on your own and your dog is already get used to the car - don`t forget to leave the usual space on the backseat free. When moving house with a little bit of professional help such as the man with a van services or with a specialized removal company for pets - don`t forget to mention your pet as soon as possible when requesting quotes.Idea No 3: Check out in advance and make a reservation where to overnight if moving with the pet on your own. The long distances usually change the drive into an exhausting driving journey and therefore - plane the route in advance too. Reserve a hotel or a motel room at the most convenient place along the route and make sure that it`s pet-friendly as well. Another great idea is to keep the pet in its transportation cage or at least on a leash. Moving house is a journey itself and you don`t want to make it more stressful due to chasing dog or even an escape, especially while in front of the hotel.Idea No 4: Your pet might be your best friend or you may have full confidence in his habits and calm temper, but make sure to put an ID on a special leash even if it`s only for the trip. An ID with his name or nickname and even with your telephone number is a useful way to enhance greatly the chance of feedback in case of escape. Keep your pet on a leash even at the first days of the acclimatization or while meeting your new neighbors, who often have kids and pets. This will also minimize the chance of unwanted stress.Idea No 5: To reduce the stress for your pet - get some extra pet food in the bag or maybe your pet`s most favorite one. The house movers take care for all the dogs and cats, especially the companies that are specialized in moving houses with the pet. Nevertheless, it`s only you who knows best the habits and how to care best about your pet.

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