De-cluttering Your Home Before Moving

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  • Published on Wednesday, 17 December 2014
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De-cluttering Your Home Before Moving One of the first things you can do before house moving is to remove as much unwanted items, otherwise known as ‘clutter’. This can be done before you even start looking at other properties. It will make moving house so much easier with less things to box up and unpack. Clutter is easy to accumulate. We are all guilty of it. It starts simply. A box stashed away here. A few bin bags of clothes there. Before you know it, there is a whole mountain of clutter that you no longer need or use but for some reason is still stored away in all corners of the home. If you are planning a house move, then it’s a good idea to de-clutter and get rid of as many unnecessary items as possible. It will save you time with packing, not to mention save costs. If you use a removal company, then it really makes more sense to have less things to transport you your new home. The removal van will be the right size then for the stuff you actually want to keep. Also in the case of using a removal company, it helps save you money by only transporting goods you want and not clutter. A good starting point then before moving home is to de-clutter. If you can do this before renting a removal company or a man and van service, even better!It can be hard deciding what is clutter and what is not. But before you give the removal experts a call, here are some questions to ask yourself when tackling your stuff.Have I used this item in the last year? If the answer to this is no, then you probably don’t need it and won’t notice it missing. Obvious exceptions are items of sentimental value such as wedding dresses or milestone memorabilia. However, don’t let the ‘sentimental value’ rule be the answer to everything! Make your removal easier by throwing out unused things.Is the item still in good condition? Does it still work? We probably all have a watch or device that does not work in the hope that we will fix it one day! Before calling any removal companies, get rid of anything that is broken and really belongs as junk.Does the item match your decoration scheme in your new home? Before loading everything into the removal van, you may as well be ruthless and throw out any items that will not fit with you’re the new décor. If the item is large, let the moving company move it for you. They’ll be happy to do so.Will the items have use in the new home or will they continue to be clutter? There is little point in asking your man and van service to take items to your new home if it will remain being clutter there. New home does not always mean everything changes!Moving house is a good opportunity to start again fresh with the items you want and rid yourself of old items that you have hoarded for years. It will also make your house move smooth, quicker and more organised. If you hire a man and van service, they can help you carry the larger items so you do not need to worry about navigating them out of your house. Ensure your company that you hire only takes the furniture you want and the items you really need. Leave the unnecessary items behind to save you time and money. It also makes the house move far more enjoyable as you'll be surrounded by items you really like.

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