How to Be Fully Responsible with Your Employees while Moving Office

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  • Published on Tuesday, 23 December 2014
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How to Be Fully Responsible with Your Employees while Moving Office Regardless of whether you are going through large office removals or through small removals, you should know from the very beginning that this will not be easy – not in any way. However, if you have decided that moving office is the best thing to do, you probably have a very good reason to do it. Your choice may be related to a better rent or to a larger office to accommodate your business’ plans for the future – whatever it is though, make sure that you are completely responsible with your employees throughout the entire removals process. Aside from finding a good moving company and aside from deciding on whether your removals service should help you with packing everything as well, you should definitely take other things into consideration as well – and most of them are related to your employees and to how they will react to the entire removal relocation. Read on and find out more about the most important tips on being responsible in front of your employees when it comes to this process. •    How far is the new office? You may not have thought of this, but moving office also means that some of your employees may find it more difficult to get to work in time. Some of them will be closer to work, of course, but it is the other half of the glass that should interest you. It may take some time to learn where everybody lives and how long it will take for them to get to work, but it will be worth it when it comes to creating that special kind of relationship between you as an employer and your employees. Some of the people in your situation may choose to compensate the trouble of having to go a longer way to work as well – and that would definitely be appreciated. •    Break the news to your employees as soon as you have a clear plan in mind. “We will be moving” is most of the times not enough for your employees and this can lead to a lot of gossip around the office. Give them as much detail as possible: when the moving will happen, if they have to do something (such as pack their own paperwork for example), where the new office will be located, why you are doing this and so on. For an employee, it is very important to feel like he/she is part of this kind of change and your people will surely appreciate the fact that you are being open about the entire deal. •    Include them in your plans. If you are not yet certain on where you would like to move office or if you simply want to make your employees truly feel part of the above-mentioned change, remember to ask them about their opinions as well. You could create a survey or you could ask them each on a face-to-face conversation (if you don’t have too many employees, of course). It is worth paying attention to some of the advice you receive from your employees precisely because they are sometimes less inclined to be subjective and they could offer some truly helpful tips. •    When deciding on the new office’s location, take into consideration the fact that your employees are people who have lives outside of the office as well. If some of your people may live too far away from the office, he/she will most likely start feeling dissatisfied at work precisely because he/she will not have much time left to do those “outside of office” things everyone does: grocery shopping, going out for a movie and so on.

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