Cost-Effective Removals

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  • Published on Friday, 06 March 2015
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Cost-Effective Removals

Moving home is a big and potentially expensive upheaval for many people. It is sensible to look into the various options available to you before embarking on any relocation. The internet is a good place to find tips and recommendations when you are searching for a moving company or man with a van hire. Possibly the best advice you can receive is to create a personalised moving checklist.

1.    Write a complete list of the items that you need to take with you to your new location. Make sure that you are not taking any unnecessary belongings. Check what is already in the new property and which of your own items will fit in the new home.

2.    Work out what type of vehicle you will need to transport your possessions to the new site. Can you fit all of your items into a car and make multiple journeys? Will you need a van to carry larger items of furniture? Does it make more economic sense to employ a moving company that can ship all your goods in one specialist lorry?

3.    Smaller items should be boxed safely when moving houses. Ensure that you have sufficient packaging materials to protect your valuables in transit. If you are using a man with a van or house movers check that they will provide packing cases and how much this will cost. Many companies will pack your belongings for you at an additional charge; this will guarantee that your goods are secure during the move. All items should be listed and double checked by the owner and the company. Be sure that your possessions are insured during the moving process.

4.    It is a good idea to label boxes according to where they should go in the new premises. This will avoid much confusion at the other end and save time. Remember that the last things put into the vehicle will be the first off, so it makes sense to pack things that you will need as soon as you arrive into the final few boxes to be loaded.

5.    Any clutter that you will not need in your new home should be disposed of before you move. This can involve selling things on-line, at a car-boot or yard sale, or by advertising in a local newspaper. Items that can’t be sold can be donated to charity.

6.    Your checklist should also include reminders such as cancelling newspaper or milk deliveries and re-directing your post. You should also make sure that you inform your utility suppliers of the date when you will be vacating your old home. It is equally essential that you ensure that your new home will be connected for power, water, TV, internet and other necessities as soon as you arrive.

7.    References should always be provided by reputable removal companies. Word of mouth referrals from family and friends are ideal ways of finding a suitable company that can meet your needs and fit in with your budget. Friends and family can also help you to pack and lift your prized possessions.

Before embarking on any relocation process it can pay to obtain a selection of removal surveys from several different styles of movers. Reputable companies should be willing to attend a home visit to calculate the required vehicle space necessary to safely transport your belongings. These surveys should also assess exactly how much equipment and how many porters will be appropriate to your particular needs as well as recognizing any specific access issues involved.

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