How To Unpack After A House Move

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  • Published on Tuesday, 21 April 2015
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How To Unpack After A House Move

Lots of people worry and panic about preparing for moving day, but not many people remember to plan for what happens after you get into your new home. Moving isn’t just about getting to your new property – it’s about unpacking, settling in and getting used to your new home. If you’re prepared for your house removals, but you’re unsure about efficiently unpacking your new property, here are some tips to help you!

1)    Make sure your boxes have been packed properly.
One of the best ways to unpack your home is to know what needs unpacking and when. You can make sure that you know where to start unpacking by ensuring that your boxes aren’t just labelled with the room that they’ve come from, but also with a number that will tell you how important its contents are. In your kitchen, the boxes that you might need immediately could contain plates and cutlery, and your most important bathroom box could contain toiletries and medication. Take the time to make sure all of your boxes are numbered, so that you’ll know just what to unpack and what can be saved for a later date.

2)    Unpacking the essential rooms.
There are some rooms of your home that are used more than others, and these should be the ones that you unpack first. Your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms should all be prepared first, so that you and your family can have access to living essentials. Don’t worry about unpacking every box for these essential rooms, as this can take up a lot of time. Instead, open and unpack the most essential boxes for each room, so that you can have easy access to necessities without needing to rip open every box you own.

3)    Preparing your home for your first night.
There are some steps that should be taken almost as soon as you get to your new property. Firstly, make sure all of the beds in the house are made – moving is tiring, and the last thing you’re going to want to do is struggle to make your bed at the end of a long day. You should also make sure that towels, hygiene products and toiletries are all available in your bathroom. Next, unpack cutlery, crockery and basic appliances, such as your kettle and toaster in your kitchen. If you’ve moved with your large appliances such as your fridge, freezer or washing machine, ensure that these are connected.

4)    Your unpacking schedule.
Lots of people try to rush and get everything unpacked as soon as possible, but this isn’t necessary and can often lead to items going missing, and increased stress levels. Once everything that you need is unpacked, the rest of your boxes can be opened at your leisure, so don’t panic if you don’t have the energy or time to get everything into shape!

5)    Professional removals companies.
If you’re in a hurry or if you just hate unpacking, some moving companies might be able to help you. Removals services aren’t just ideal for man with van hire or removals and storage solutions – many removal companies offer unpacking services that could benefit you and your family. Find out about relocation companies and removals services in your area that could offer this, and if you’re looking for a great price don’t forget to check for cheap removals help.

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