How to De-Stress During a Relocation

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  • Published on Tuesday, 12 May 2015
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How to De-Stress During a Relocation

A home removal or office relocation can be one of the most stressful times in our lives. There is so much to do, so many people to contact and so many extra costs to getting a move done successfully. Other that paying someone to get everything done while you jet off somewhere warm, there can be a few more realistic ways to help your mind unwind from it all.

-    Take walks. When moving it’s often about going at breakneck speed to get everything done. Remember to stop every so often to keep in mind why you are actually moving in the first place. Maybe you are in a more convenient location; maybe you have a beautiful new home. Don’t forget to stop and take it all in. Take a brisk walk around your new neighbourhood. Stop off and get a coffee. Taking a few minutes out will help you recharge; you can always trust the movers to be on their own for a few minutes.

-    Take an exercise class. Something like yoga or swimming can be perfect. Chances are you have been doing some heavy lifting and need to stretch out your muscles and unwind a little bit. Meditation can really help you switch off. Just taking an hour away from your packing or unpacking can really help you recharge. Make sure you do switch off your brain and aren’t just thinking about getting back to your move. It’s only an hour and won’t make a difference.

-    Hire moving professionals. There is no point in kidding yourself that you can possibly do all the heavy lifting alone. Moving is an area where you should always be able to ask for a little help. Moving companies are great for getting everything done without you having to lift a finger, and they often come with insurance so you don’t have to worry about any damages. If your budget can’t stretch that far then consider a man and van; that way you will still have a little extra help at a lower cost.

-    Take friends out. If your friends have been helping you, then take them out for drinks or dinner in your local area. It will be great way to thank them while helping you to relax and unwind. You can also try out your local facilities and find your favourite places. The cost of treating a friend will be much lower than forking out for professional help just for small removals.

-    Get one room sorted. Make one room your priority and get it completely finished. Put candles out or flowers so that it can be your retreat from all the mess that the rest of the space might have. Make a list of your most important rooms and get them sorted in order of importance.

-    Don’t forget anxiety is temporary. Your state of mind can be controlled so focus on the positives. If you have a lot to do then write it down a moving checklist as getting things on paper will get it out of your mind and help you work through it. Remember to breathe and relax, think of all the good things that your move is going to bring. Find things in your new area that are familiar to you. So if you were a member of a gym, then look for a new gym in your area. If you enjoyed a local morning coffee, then find your favourite local cafeteria. Keeping up with your routine will help you to feel relaxed and finish your move easily.

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