Advice for Easy and Stress-Free House Removals

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  • Published on Monday, 15 June 2015
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Advice for Easy and Stress-Free House Removals

Moving house is a difficult, exhausting and a time consuming process and in the days leading up to moving day, you can often feel like you’re fighting a losing battle in trying to get everything done in time.  Get out of the quicksand and approach your house move systematically and by doing so, you’ll definitely reap the rewards and will hopefully enjoy a stress free house relocation experience.

1.    Get organised.
Create a moving checklist by listing tasks in order of importance. Get to these first, the workload will gradually reduce and you’ll hopefully find yourself having tackled most of the hard work by moving day.

2.    Call up removal companies and get yourself plenty of removal quotes.
Don’t settle on booking with the first company you come across. Ask around your friends and family, neighbours that may have recently used a removal company, or do your own research on the internet and make a list of the companies that take your fancy. Then write down any questions that you need answering, give the companies a call and make your final choice.

3.    Decide what you actually want to bring with you to your new house.
When moving to a new house, you’re not going to want to take everything along with you. Some of your possessions will be coming with you, others will trashed and discarded and some may be going into storage.  For those items of furniture that you’re planning to replace or update, try making some money by selling them at your local car boot sale, put an ad in the paper or even pass them to your local charity shop.

4.    House removals and storage.
If you’re planning on doing some decorating or a renovation project once you get to your new house, your items could become damaged or be a hindrance and in the way whilst you’re trying to get everything sorted. It’s well worth spending a few extra pounds to keep your items safe and secure by booking a temporary storage unit. Nowadays storage companies offer a range of deals and different types of storage spaces, so you’re bound to find an offer that appeals to you. Again, do your research, ask around and get some price quotes before making a booking. It may be a good idea to ask your moving company if they know of any good local storage spaces, as they may be working in conjunction with another company or have storage spaces of their own that they could offer you at a discounted price.

5.    Source packing materials and supplies.
When you’re calling up moving companies and getting some quotes, be sure to ask them if they can provide you with any packing materials at a discounted price. Many companies will be able to provide you with cheap packing materials if you bulk buy of if you’ve booked another one of their services.

6.    Get some extra help.
If you’re not booking with a professional company and are planning on moving to your new house by yourself, call in some favours and get some extra help from friends or family. But make sure to give them plenty of notice and take them out for a meal at the end of it for their troubles.

7.    Order new items of furniture to coincide with your move.
You don’t want to arrive at your new house, begin unpacking and try to get settled in only to find that you don’t have vital items of furniture. Make sure that you order everything well in advance so that you can enjoy your new house the minute you walk through the door.

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