Ask The Right Questions To Get The Best Removal Service Possible

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  • Published on Monday, 06 July 2015
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Ask The Right Questions To Get The Best Removal Service Possible

When you’re going through any removal or relocation task, finding a good quality, experienced and professional removal company is paramount to the success of the process. But there are so many companies in the industry that separating the decent companies from the new kids on the block can be a real struggle. You might be able to save yourself some money by booking with a recently formed company or a man and van team for example, but if you want a first class moving company to help with your move, there are certain questions that you should definitely ask.   So bear these points in mind and find the answers to these important questions and scenarios, and you’ll then be well equipped to make an informed logical decision as to which company to go ahead with.

1.    Ask your company how many movers they’re planning on putting on your job.
If the company decides that your job is rather large and requires multiple house movers, you’ll be paying for their services, so make sure that you ask what each individual team member will be doing on moving day. This is because many companies employ people, not only to help with all the heavy lifting, but also to watch the van parked out front. Combat this by pre-arranging a parking space directly in front of your house. Speak to your neighbours to notify them of this and if you ask nicely enough, they may move their cars and make room for the van when it comes to moving day. If you’re willing to get stuck in and do a little bit of lifting and moving yourself, communicate this to your chosen company, because if you sound convincing enough, they may only send a couple of crew members out on your job, saving you some money.

2.    Do they have experience in handling your type of move?
If you’ve got any important items that you need moving, perhaps some antique items of furniture or a lot of specialist electronic equipment, make sure that you tell this to the team when you call them up. When you do, a lot of companies will just nod their heads and just agree to everything you ask of them, so ask them specifically how they plan on taking care of your important items and then based on this, do your own research to check their credibility. If you’ve got a lot of antique delicate items of furniture, it could be worth spending a little bit more money and hiring a specialist company.

3.    Get a list of recommendations and testimonials.
Ask the company to supply you with a reference list consisting of reviews from their previous clients. Knowing what past customers think of their services should really help you to make up your mind. If the majority of the reviews are good, then this should help to make your decision that little bit easier.

4.    Insurance.
Your household policy may or may not cover your items for a move, so be sure to check this before buying any insurance. If not, consider getting yourself some goods and transit insurance to give you peace of mind whilst your possessions are on the move.

5.    Additional services.
Ask about any other services the company is able to offer. Most companies will be able to supply you with packing services and storage services in addition to the moving service. If you’re in need of any additional services, be sure to ask for a multiple service discount or any special deals that they may be able to offer you.

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