The Five Point Guide to Become a Packing Pro!

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  • Published on Monday, 07 September 2015
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The Five Point Guide to Become a Packing Pro!

When it comes to relocation, the gargantuan task that seems to take up most of the time and effort involved is packing! Just imagine everything you have ever used and are using has to be wrapped, boxed and labelled properly so that it travels well during the move. Not to mention that it is going to cost you a fortune if you are not street smart. If you feel apprehensive about the whole prospect, here’s a guide to help you go about it with ease. So gather your packing boxes, unroll the bubble wrap and get packing already!

Always lower the centre of gravity
The most basic thing that you need to keep in mind is that bulky items are also easy to damage, no matter how sturdy they seem. They need to be placed precariouslymoving-house-boxes (2)_250x167 so that it is easier to carry things without breaking them. Always place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and then place the lighter ones above them. Also, reinforce the bottom so that it does not break or slip away. When loading the removal van, make sure you the heavier items are placed below lighter ones.

Fillers are everywhere
If you are looking to have a cheap removal, you will be surprised with how many things you can find in your house that can be used as packing materials. Cardboard boxes for free from supermarkets, foam sheets and boxes from science projects or online deliveries, old newspaper and shredded paper waste that would otherwise be garbage can prove handy now. So don’t waste time buying or renting fillers when you can use what you have lying around. If you want to wrap an expensive glass vase, use a wool blanket or bed sheets to provide the cushioning when packing.

Packing fragile items
Packing fragile items like glasses, vases, china etc. can be the trickiest part. An easy way to cushion breakables is tosupplies-for-packing_300x200 wrap them up in old clothes and pack them in with pillows and sofa cushions. Additionally, you can also use old newspapers and rags to act as fillers. It might be a good idea to first put a layer of clear tissue before wrapping stuff in newspaper because newspaper prints can transfer onto ceramic and stain it. You might also want to cushion the layers between plates and other such materials so that they don’t strike against each other.

Important documents demand safety
Not everything needs to be taken care of by your house movers; a few things are best carried personally. Especially important documents like property papers, certificates, bonds, passports etc. should be packed safely in a folder and carried with you in your overnight bag. A week or so before the move, you should also put any lump sums of cash and jewellery in the safe in the packing-company (2)_300x200bank or deposit them with a close friend so that they are not lost or stolen during the move.

Old is not always gold
Do not forget to declutter before moving. This will save you a lot of money and space during removals. Before packing each item, always ask yourself – have I used this in the last one year? And if the answer is no, you probably will not in the future, so better give it away to someone who can make better use of it. Remember, the more you declutter, the less you have to pack. If you find yourself with lots of things you don’t need, you could even have a garage sale and make some money out of it.

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