6 Ways to Save a Lot of Money when Moving

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  • Published on Wednesday, 14 October 2015
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6 Ways to Save a Lot of Money when Moving

Moving can be really expensive, especially if you are not careful. Spending a lot is possibly the last thing you want, since preparing your new home has likely taken its toll on your budget already. In order to save money, you have to be smart and focus your efforts.

There are many tricks that can save you money during a removal, which you have likely never considered. If it is the first time you go through relocation, you are going to need all the information on how to save money. Here are several tips that will ensure a less expensive move:

- Do it on your own - ultimately, the cheapest way to do a removal is to do everything on your own. You will possibly have to hire a moving van, in case you cannot provide a suitable vehicle, but aside from that there are no other significant expenses you need to consider. Since you cannot rely on the assistance of expert movers, you might have to ask for some help from friends and relatives in regard to loading heavy items. There will be a lot more work for you overall, but a lot less expenses too.

- Compare moving costs and ask for discounts - once you have contacted enough moving companies and acquired their free estimates, you should get down to comparing the offers. The thing you have to keep in mind is that the lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean you save money. There are often times additional services that are not included. Not knowing about them can lead to unpleasant surprises. Furthermore, always be careful around companies that offer you a significantly lower price than others, as that could mean poor quality of service. See if you can take advantage of any discounts.

- Choose moving date carefully - if you aim to move during off-peak season, you will certainly be offered much better deals than if you want to move when all of the moving companies are busy with many clients. There are ways to save big when you book a moving service during the off-season, which is definitely a thing to consider. One other tip would be to move on a weekday as that would most certainly be cheaper than moving on the weekend.

- Acquire free packing supplies - buying packing supplies and materials is not cheap. Don’t be fooled - quality packing materials are very expensive, but there might be a way for you to go around buying them. Ask around local business, such as supermarkets, office stores and others. These places often have use a lot of cardboard boxes, which they normally have to recycle. There is a high chance that they can give them to you instead. Also consider bubble wrap alternatives - you can use clothes and towels instead. Newsprint makes for a good packing paper.

- Don’t take everything with you - ultimately, you will pay for what you to move. This means that the less total weight of your belongings, the less you will have to pay. For this reason it is smart to leave some of your belongings that you no longer use behind. Not only will that mean cheaper relocation, but also easier time once you reach your destination as there will be less junk to worry about.

- Plan ahead of time - booking a removal service early on will not only give you more flexibility, but also cost you far less than usual. You will be able to plan for an off-peak date, and also devise a detailed plan about all of your expenses so that you know you are within budget.

All it takes to save money from relocation is some consideration. Keep all of these tips in mind and you will certainly save a lot of money.

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