Reliable services

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  • Published on Thursday, 15 January 2009
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Reliable services are the key of your successful move.You have to receive them from all institutes you have to visit during the moving process and not only.There are some common rules for the provided services,but if your are not satisfied with them you can insist for improvement.But first of all you have to check what you receive.This is the best way you will undertsnad what is their quality.

For example the moving van is the service your receive according your contract with the moving company.You have the right to check some sections:

-check if the floor of the truck's carriage is clean and dry;

-check the total technical condition of the truck;

-investigate if the driver is a professional ;you can ask him for his experience;

-ask the mover if they have paid the truck's insurance and all the road taxes according the law;

All this details will prevent you from some sudden accidents.

You should be aware that checks are really important for everything during your move.

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