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When you are planning to move and have to hire a moving company have in mind that there are some different types of movers.


This kind of companies will be aware with all the things connected with your move.They will make an estimation for your,provide you with packing supplies according your inventory list.They will do the packing/unpacking,they will handle with the loading/unloading.They will manage with the moving truck-the size and the technical conditions.Be sure that they will nagae with the whole moving checklist.


Movers which provide this kind of service will provide you all the professional advices cocerning the moving truck.They will find the proper vechile accodring the size and weight of your items.Butthey will not provide you any service concerning the packing/unpacking,loading/discharging.If you choose this type of movers you will have an experienced driver and too much work to do.


This is a servic which tottaly depends on you.You have to plan,to arrnage,to rent a truck.Doing the packing/unpacking,loading and after that discharging in your home-this will be your job.If you have decide to act like this you will certainly safe money but you will too much time and efforts.Try to convince your frineds and family to help you in your move.

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