Your home should welcome the buyers

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  • Published on Saturday, 31 January 2009
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The first impression is may be the last one.

If you are moving and have to sale your old house you have to take for it and think over its commercial value.When you allready have hired and real estate agent and fixed the price you should wait for the buyers to come to visit and look over the place you sale.

The front door should welcome the buyers with fresh and clean looking.Your lawn should be grimmed and perfeclty edged.There should be nothing useless scattered around your back yard.Arrange the bedrooms -your and the children-neatly.Let the sunshine come in at your living room trouhg the curtains and light open windows.Noone will like a dark rooms without any fresh air inside.Cleaning,vacuming and polishing the furniture is some of the things you should compulsory do.The bathrooms must be in perfect shiny condition.The buyers will walk all around your home and you have to ensure yourself that everything is in a perfect order.

You can also make some repairs,new decoration and invest in a new kitchen wallpappers (for example).This higher price of your home will compensate your costs.

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