Be careful

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  • Published on Sunday, 01 February 2009
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Before you buy your new house you should inspect all the rooms,garage,loft and other rooms.This inspection will ensue yout that you will have one pefrect new home with all its beauty and comfort.It is a fact that when you and your family are in a process of moving you are trying to be faster in everything.Do not hurry to buy a house or appartment because it looks like the one in your dreams.Sometimes the problems occur later.If you didn't check all the rooms and spaces at your new living place you can be in trouble during the winter for example.Roof and gutters damaged will cost you too much during the rainy seasons.Crooked walls (which you didn't see before because of a perfect decoration) may not allow some additonal devices to be installed.Mold and dampness inside the kitchen capboards will cause serious problems and damages.If the floor at the living room didn't have the proper surface for a high traffic area it will fell trough later.Any hidden damage that you didn't notice before might be a problem later.Because of that you should be extremely careful when buying a new home to move in.

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