Be a good citizen

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  • Published on Sunday, 08 February 2009
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Good behaviour and exellent manners are not the only things which you can use to prove you are a worhty citizen.There are so much factors which are visible for the people in your quarter.One of them is thinking for the good condition of the envirnment and recycling.Why to manage with this while moving?Isn't this the most proper moment to separate all your trash-yes it is.You can simply combine the process of packing with those to separate your stuff in groups( glass,papper,metal and other).Take some black sacks and put label with the group name,place them near the entrance of your home so eveyone from your family to see them and use them.There will be a lot of rubbish aftre you finish your packing and after the movers load everything inside the truck.Before going out take the full bags and leave them near the street tidies.

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