6 Packing Tips For Your Move To Waterloo

Published on Tuesday, 29 January 2013

6 Packing Tips For Your Move To WaterlooMoving house is one of the most exciting events in a person’s life – a chance to start fresh and do things differently. It’s also hard, tiring, time-consuming, expensive, stressful and overwhelming. You need to go through the entire relocation process until you can actually sit and enjoy your new home with your family. Moving to the area of Waterloo, in London, is a great choice, but do you know how to pack properly for the move? The problem with packing on one’s own is the deadline. You simply have to be ready with all the boxes when the movers arrive with the moving truck. Any delay or obstacle and you will be charged extra. Moreover, there are specific packing techniques and materials that you need to use. This is definitely not the easiest way to move, but if you can’t afford packing services, at least make sure you can stay organized. Here are the top 6 packing tips which will be quite useful for your house move.•    Don’t start before you’ve gathered all packing material and supplies that you will need (cardboard moving boxes, moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap, newspaper or plain paper, straps, dollies, stretch wrap, dish boxes, bags, specialty boxes, markers, etc.). It’s best to have a little more than to run out of material. Have your inventory and packing list at hand and start with the hardest room or area at home. This might be the basement, the garage or the study – whichever this area is, focus on it properly and don’t pack anything else until you’ve finished there.•    Sort things out: It’s best to pack similar items together and label the boxes accordingly – ornaments, kitchenware, cutlery, books, footwear, clothing, linen, photo albums, electronics, etc. The best way to pack is your own way – a unique method that works for you and is efficient and reasonably quick. Just make sure you have plenty of material for padding and cushioning when packing fragile items.•    Subcategorize: This will make things even easier, especially if you have a big household. Pack items of different subcategories together – cups, pans, plates, high-heeled shoes, etc. This method will also make unpacking much easier and smoother.•    Label everything: It’s your own packing process, so do whatever works best for your move. Label each box and bag using a black marker and tick off the items on your inventory list as you go. Try to keep things organized, so once you arrive you can find anything you are looking for.•    Get your family involved: Don’t expect that packing will be easier on your own. It would take you literally weeks to pack everything for the move and by the end of it, you will be completely exhausted and unable to do anything else. Get your family involved in the process, but still manage the packing.•    Throw away the clutter: There is no point spending money on packing material and moving services to move old clutter and items that you don’t even use. Throw away these things or donate them. The less you have for packing, the easier it will be. A house move is a great opportunity to start fresh and get rid of the clutter. One of the best pieces of packing advice is to try to have fun. Think about the move and the new house and don’t view packing as an annoying chore.