Advice for moving away from friends and family

Published on Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Advice for moving away from friends and familyMoving home is exciting; with many possibilities awaiting you and your new life, but often the daunting side of moving home is leaving friends, family and normality behind. You might be relocating to a different country, a new part of the UK or even just to a new town. Even so, after the initial excitement has ebbed, you can often feel a little lost and lonely in a new home and a brand new area. Settling into a new house also means settling into a new area, making new friends, a new social life, a new routine and of course, making time for friends and family.Here are a few tips and tricks to help you settle in to your new home and to make the most of the new area when you’ve left friends and family behind. Enjoy your new homeYou may feel a little lost in a big, new house, and the unknown that is your new area is probably even more daunting. However, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the house. Enjoy all that space and enjoy having time to yourself. Whilst no one is able to pop round for a brew, call up uninvited or generally intrude, pop the kettle on, run a bath and enjoy having some peace and quiet. Spend the first few days of settling into a new home relaxing and indulging in some you time. Unpack the good books and DVDs, find the nearest shop for some chocolate, perhaps a bottle of wine, put your feet up, find a blanket and spend an evening on the sofa. It will do you the world of good, getting comfortable in your new home, and relaxing for the night before those busy days filled with unpacking. Find new activitiesA new area can offer you a wealth of opportunities to expand your interests and skills. Now you’re in a new place, it’s the perfect opportunity to find a new talent, try the hobby you’ve always wanted and make your life what you want. If being in the house is getting you down, then you have no choice but to get out there and find something to do. Part of the fun of moving home is exploring your new town. Take a wander around the shops and sample the local cafes, when you’ve exhausted that, take a look at the local community centre, library and leisure centres. Not only will you find a busy schedule of books and exercise classes, you could also get involved in local craft classes, reading groups, learn a new skill or find a new hobby, plus make friends with locals in the process. Making new friendsThere are plenty of ways to make new friends after moving away. Remember the groups and activities on offer which can expand your interests and your social circle. Attend any local community events you see advertised such as car boot sales or local fetes, and perhaps offer to lend a hand to mingle with the locals. If you’re children are at the local school that is the perfect place to make new friends, if not at the school gates and through events, then through meeting other parents on play dates and in the park. Say yes for any work social event, no matter how tired you are. As the new person you have to put the effort in to accepting invitations, which is the only way your social life will end up becoming effortless. Make time for old onesOf course, you’re old friends aren’t a million miles away, and even if they are, they’re only a few clicks away online. No matter how busy your new life is and whenever you’re missing home, get in touch, and they’ll do just the trick to make you feel better.