Basic Cleaning Tips before Leaving the Apartment

Published on Tuesday, 09 March 2010

Basic Cleaning Tips before Leaving the ApartmentAs a tenant, it is your responsibility to leave your apartment clean. If you want to be able to collect your security deposit you should not forget to do this. And you should do it properly too. The rule of thumb is basically to leave the apartment like it was when you came to live in it the first time.   So if you have punched some holes by adding some nails, you should remove them and patch the holes as well. If possible, you could even repaint that side of the wall. This could be necessary too if the paint of the wall has become uneven due prolonged positioning of furniture. But then this problem could also be remedied by using magic eraser.   Cleaning should always be started at the dirtiest parts of the place. But it's more important to start at a spot that could add dirt to other places. For instance, you should start cleaning the ceiling before the walls and the windows. You should clean the windows first before the floors.   You should pay close attention and allocate more time to the cleaning of the kitchen sink. Then the bathroom also needs more time especially the bathtub and the toilet bowl. You should also clean the appliances and furniture. And lighting fixtures should be cleaned as well. If necessary, you should also replace light bulbs.   Again, the important thing is to present the apartment back to the landlord in its best condition. At minimum, its condition should be the same as it was when you moved in. It's your ticket to retrieving your security deposit in full.