Cheaper and Greener Moves

Published on Friday, 09 April 2010

Cheaper and Greener Moves Many people are looking for ways to lessen their carbon footprint on the world, which is why even in moving, certain ways have been developed that enable people to have not only a more environment friendly move, but one that can be cheaper and more cost effective as well.   One good way to turn trash into cash would be to hold a garage sale for any old or unused items - one man's trash may very well be another man's treasure. You can also donate any usable leftover to charity and have the rest recycled. It's a very efficient way to not only earn some extra money you can use, but also have a greener move.   Another green tip applies to packing, particularly with packing boxes. You can choose to rent plastic boxes, which are very recyclable, and since they are made out of plastic, more durable and can be reused many, many times. The rates are also cheap and affordable. Another tip with boxes is to buy old, used boxes instead of new ones - just make sure that besides not going anywhere near its weight limit, you also assess if they are usable - again this is a cheaper alternative and will allow you to reuse and recycle old boxes.